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Click Member link to see site in tvShe Was Twisted
Watch me craft my way through life, a new baby and the ever-growing whirl of fur we like to call our pets.

Ragdoll Designs
Personal Blog about Knitting, cats, Jewelry, and more....

Diva Kitty & the Fluffies
Crochet, Knit, The Diva Kitty & her Bunnies

Knitting, cats, fish, sewing, thriftiness, and whatever comes to mind.

Creative Overload
A site where I show my ongoing knitting, crochet, and sometimes sewing projects. Sometimes the projects are modeled by my cats.

Gentlesunset.com - Knit Addiction the UnusuallyHeather way
Owner of two cats who loves to knit. And sometimes my cats try to help :)

Lisa\'s Knitty Gritty
the adventures of a knitting letter carrier

The Yarn Owl
We are three grad students who knit, one of us owns a cat, and one a part-time cat.. the third owns a puppy.

Ria Knits!
One person's attempt to better their life by the judicious application of way too much yarn.

queenfilo kits and knits
Sometimes I write about knitting and sometimes about my kitty. And often I write about both.

The Knitsy Bitsy Spider
Two friends talking about knitting and other random musings. Also features a directory of free patterns and knitting related sites.

Basically about my knitting and my kitty.

The Fearless Knitter
I'm a travel writer by trade, and write cozies for fun (and profit??). But my passion is knitting. And chocolate. And apparently quilting. And feral blue dilute torties. But definitely knitting.

broke knits
Germanist and knitter. It really is more exciting than it sounds.

for the love of the gauge
documenting my progress as an intermediate knitter and finished projects

Knit-Tea Kitty

Ephemeral Chaos
I try really hard to concentrate on knitting, but life intervenes on occasion.

Way Too Much Stash
I have a multiple needlecraft site along with the recent acquisition of 5 kittens. Come enjoy my knitting, along with quilting, crocheting, cross-stitching and kitties!

Peaceful Easy Knitting

Knitters Delight
Details on the life of a knitter. Stitches status with knitting battles both won and lost.

Scrap and Knit
I knit and yes, I do have cats. I scrapbook and have kids. Oh yeah, I also crochet and have a hubby.

Knitting Until An Ideal Thursday

A site about craftin and knittin and livin

Pick Up Sticks
Life, knitting, and my adventures in each...

Ramblings of a Crafter
A blog that mainly focuses on my crafting with tidbits of kitty add to it.

Knitting blog, and thousands of free patterns, including a handfull of my very own designs.

Tempting Yarns
A new, self-starting knitter in Minnesota blogs about knitting technique, knitting projects, cats, dogs, home improvement and anything else that comes to mind.

Into Fuzzy Stuff
A brand new blog noting my adventures with anything that's green or grows. This happens to include the 4 cats who allow me to live with them, knitting that doesn't end, crochet that doesn't begin and gardening. ...

Extreme Knitting Redhead
I started this blog to document my exploits in training for my 50th birthday challenge which involved running 5 marathons, culminating in one 52.4 miles long. Oh and I got myself a Guinness World Record ...

Kataboots Knit Blog
Kate shares her knitting adventures, her artistic gumption and her complete lack of academic discipline.

She\'s Krafty
My krafty blog about all my knitting, crochet, and other krafty projects. Sometimes I also ramble about living in Brooklyn, NY, my hubby, and our four (yes, four!) cats.

I am Missoula, Montana knitter/blogger and on this site I chronicle my epic journey through knitting life. This is a record of what I\'m knitting and I sometimes include poetry and fiction (and, of course, ...

Paper Kitty
I love to knit, crochet, and make hand-bound books.

Pieces of Stcommunity Too Small to Save
I spin, I knit, I sleep with a cat.

Maddie Knits
A site aboutr a twenty-something knitter.

Sock It To Me
Cat lover in love with knitting.

Dances With Wools
I love fiber arts and textiles, as well as writing and shacommunity. Welcome!

Crafty Girly
This blog is about all thing crafty, but is usually of the knitting persuasion

Cynical Knitting Gal
Cynical Gal takes her name in a reverse sort of way...it came about because one of her earliest posts was about Santa and her hope to always believe which was thwarted by siblings who thought they "knew." In ...

Bea Blacksheep
Knitting blog featucommunity my knitting, sewing, and crafts as well as two cats and two bulldogs.

Kaarina\'s world
My knitting site and other hobbies and my kitties.

Hapagirl Knits
A mixed plate of knitting, teaching, and life in general.

Saisquoi knits. And reads. And cooks. And rambles endlessly about a life on the New Hampshire seacoast managed largely by her four cats.

Just blabbing about my addiction to knitting and possibly some other stuff too. :)


Morgiana\'s Manifesto
World from the point of view of redhaired girl, who owns Smeagol The Cat and knits, crochets, cooks and do all other crafts.

The Queen Bee News
It\'s about making stuff, being an American ex-pat living in England, domesticating the vagabond in me, British village life, my cat Bisbee, baking and other kitchen misadventures, photography, and well... ...

Knit and Purr
l try and write about REALLY interesting stuff and such pertaining to my family & friends, my 2 beautiful CATS, my knitting and other such VERY interesting topics.

Modest Purls
A place where I talk about knitting, kids, cats and life in general.

The Morning Cup
A webspace in which I document my knitting adventures