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Click Member link to see site in tvShe Knits By The Seashore
My site describes my knitting projects, current reading, and love of summery things, with occasional photos of my two cats.

shadkitty Knitty
Just a stay at home mom who gets bored a lot. Knitting is salvation...and the cat tries to help. Really, he does.

Knitting Kitties
My blog is mainly about knitting and my kitties, Rusty and Rollie, and a few odds & ends thrown in for good measure.

daily ode of dela´do
Delaïdo is a 30-year-old French-American woman who is living temporarily in the USA. She, her froggy half, two cats, and three fish have grand amibitions of moving back to France. OK, maybe the fish don\'t ...

Arms Akimbo
I am a beginner/intermediate knitter who lives with her two cats, disco and jazz. A recent college graduate, I just got my first \"real\" job. My blog talks about my thoughts on knitting, my furry babies, ...

I\'m busy knitting
I\'m busy knitting unless teaching or taking care of the other parts of my life. Even then I may also be busy knitting

A South Park Republican's Mental Meandecommunitys
I am a lawyer in Connecticut who knits. I have a husband, cat and dog.

ummmm...yea, my life as it is.
A self proclaimed scrapbooking fiend, pet lover, and worst of all a knitaholic.

Abby's Knits
A knitter who loves simple knits and cats

New at blogging but great at knitting. Sorta. lol Come on in and grab some needles. It's cozy and tough here.

Alone in the Stash
One geeky writer and her mischievious feline companion share their knitting adventures.

Mandi Knits
Ms. Mandi Knits ...and crafts ...and is generally a big ol' geek.

Knitting Between the Lines
Knitting between the lines and reading between strands of yarn in pursuit of fun projects, a PhD, and purcommunity cats

Twists and turns in life and knitting.

Yarn Junkie
Another pet loving knitter. Now I\'ll have a better excuse to add cat photos to my blog ;)

Knit One Sip Two
Random notes about knitting, wine, the cat and whatever..

Shazzas Knits
My blog about knitting which my family and friends call my obsession

A Knit Decision
Lori\'s Blog for knitting, cats, dogs, diabetes, life in general, from Portland, Oregon

Rachel's Ramblings

Stash Queen
Mostly Knitting with Occasional Bursts of Crochet

Green Moon Knits
Constant knitting commentary in a tasteful but obsessive manner.


Wrapped Around My Finger
Traditional knitting site (I work primarily Fair Isle and Arans), with tidbits on other stuff, and of course, my \"Little Dudes\".

coming up blank
A knitting blog with the occasional reference to crochet & cats!

I Forget What 8 was For.
This isn't a knitting-specific blog, but you wouldn't know it by looking at it. Most of my posts include pictures of my WIPs being modeled by my cats.


Yarns Yarns Yarns

Clueless Knittery
Kitties, doggies and a new knitters gloriously awful finished projects.

Knitting Without Yarn
This is my personal knitting, kitty, etc blog. I have been knitting for 2+ years and am making a focused effort to increase both my complexity and productivity of projects, as catalogued on the site. This ...

Susan In Stitches
cats, knitting, quilting , crochet and the ramblings of a baby boomer living the tree change

Cottage Knitting
Small on square footage, big on knitting.

Confessions of a Graveyard Gypsy
A free curse with every skein!

Knit, Cro(chet), Spin, Sew, Quilt & Sing
where you can read about my ongoing WIP\\\'s, numerous UFO\\\'s, intermittent actual FO\\\'s, and my frequent visits to the frog pond. There will also be singing content, pictures of my cats, and the occasional ...

Zeeppo's KNitting Blog
This blog is about my adventures as the only unashamed male knitter in the city of Pittsburgh. And just experiencing the current high in the knitting world.

Sheep Happens
My blog about me, my cat and my hobbies, knitting and walking.

Knitty Banter
An entertaining monologue (I hope) about my journey through the TKGA Master Hand Knitter Program and my experiments with knitting and other fiber arts. Warning: may also contain intermittent stories about ...

Knitting Through the Tarot
Knitting projects and inspirations through the tarot.

Lady's Slipper
Mainly a knitting blog; have been making socks in between larger knitting projects. Learned to knit at age 7, and have been making baskets the last 2 years.

Place knitting pun here
The story of my crafting attempts, including knitting and embroidery. Plus my cats.

Stitch and Knit
I knit and stitch when my kitties give me permission.

Liz Knits
Ramblings of an LA knitter

A Bit o\' Knit
It seems there are a disproportionately large number of knitting blogs written by redheaded women with cats. I don\'t know how much I\'ll deal with knitting, but here is yet another one by a redheaded ...

Blog focusing on my adventures in knitting and other crafty ventures. Frequent mentions of my disgruntled cats that think they don\'t receive nearly enough of my attention.

She Knits Too
So many projects ... so little time ..... my adventures in knitting, crochet & sewing all while trying to raise my family and keeping my sanity ...

Trials and tribulations of an ambitious beginner knitter.

Du\'s knitting blog
Knitting, crocheting, and a rainbow of crafting projects.

Singular Stitches
Knitting, Cross stitch, Sewing and Crochet...One stitch at a time.

Knitting is my Boyfriend
The knitting/life blog of a 20-something graduate student living and loving in Canada's capital city, with her little kitty, Czar.

Nicole the Knitting Goddess
A blog about my knitting adventures featucommunity cat supermodels Percy and Max.

Captain Knitpicky
One wild-haired almost-psychologist\'s adventures in the fiber arts.