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Click Member link to see site in tvThis Black Thread
A blog on which I will hopefully entertain the reader with stories of my adventures in knitting, race walking,reading, cat wrangling and whatever else life throws at me.

the knitty professor
I have changed the location of my blog. My community id is 382. Just wanted to let you know!

With Knitted Brows
Knitting needles plus yarn, divided by four cats, equals one woman\'s struggle to conquer the art of knitting. A step forward, a stumble here and there, and projects that tell the tale....

The Stitching Hour

Thayer Knits

Crafts are my passion, Cats are my obsession
My first blog. I\'ve updated about my life, my crafts, my cats, and I\'m currently updating about a knitted cat afghan pattern I\'m creating.

Crash Test Dummies
A blog documenting knitting, cat encounters, and other crafts.

Fondle My Sweaters
Finish up them taters. I'm going to go Fondle My Sweaters. Preferably sweaters made of Kidsilk Haze, of course!

Lick My Sticks
A blog about knitting, heavy metal, and the sitcom that is my life.

life, love, yarn... and cats.

My adventures with knitting, with the help of my cats.

Northern Sheep

All-Night Knitter!!
A site dedicated to my knitting adventures and endeavors--including of course my beautiful black kitty Bagheera!

Knitting and kitties and books...oh my!

Needles of Steel
The trials and tribulations of an engineer and crafter in the midlands, UK!

Please dont eat the needles
Knitting, kitties and the quest for kiddies

the RhythmMeow makes
i take photos, i knit, and i have a cat. i take photos of my knitting and my cat. and this is where i write about it.

Professor Knitwit
Read about a young professor navigating the world of academia and knitting

Kim blogs about her knitting and her kitties. A garage full of yarn and 4 naughty cats live in Glendale, CA.

Casting Away
Adventures in sailing and knitting, with lots of kitty references.

Vicki Knits
Knitting, spinning, reading, with a bit of my family thrown in!

144 Inches of I-Cord
I do what I can.

Adventures in Knitting
Adventures in learning to knit beyond the basic knit one purl one.

The Chickengoddess Knits
A mostly knitting site with bonus stained glass and the occasional chicken. Oh, yeah, and 8 cats clamocommunity for attention.

Knit Mainea
The crafty tales of a Maine gal...

The Whole Ball of Yarn(s)
A blog about my knitting, cats, cooking, and writing.

Knitter Navy Wife
All about my life as a knitter and a Navy wife and how my cat, Zoe, survives all of this.

cindy in the windy city

Celtic Knitter
Celtic Knitter displays his obsessive hobby and shares his ideas for patterns, and thoughts on daily life.

Knitting. Cats. Books. Mood Swings. Sock Yarn. Heh.

Confessions of a Stash Junkie: A Knit/Crochet Blog
A yarn-addicted, 20-something, knitting, crocheting, cat owner\'s blog

Bitchin\' Stitchin\'
Diary of a self-confessed yarn-o-holic, who knits, eats chocolate and contemplates life in general whilst living halfway between Oxford & London in rainy England. Having just ditched alcoholic Texan husband ...

A Blog Reborne
Me knitting. Me reading. Me mothecommunity two daughters while home educating them. Mostly random thoughts and hopes.


elizagrrl & her shitty kitty

The Knittin\' Kitten
Notes about my knitting projects, dogs and cat.

Confessions of a Professional Yarn Fondler
The frequent ramblings of a forty-something fiberartist who just happens to fondle yarn for a living.

Crafty Chick Knits
Ramblings aboud life, knitting, whatnot.

Sweet Knittilicious Spot
...just another girl with a cat, a big stash and an obsession with pointy sticks and shiny objects!

Girl With A Purl Earcommunity
A blog that follows the knitting exploits of one, Avivah. (Also follows the exploits of her four furry babies.)

A girl\'s blog where she sometimes knits, but mostly takes pictures of food and her cat.

Here a stitch, there a stitch
Tidbits from my life: Knitting, Spinning, My Tuxedo Kitty, Awesome Husband, Great Life. Occasional Book reviews.

The Knitting Libran
The knitting, spinning, and cooking ramblings of a Libran. Whatever shall I do first?

almost daily blog of my knitting and how it affects my cats and my kids

Knitting, sewing and everyday life of one crafty witch! ^^

Jeanne Knits
My blog about knitting, spinning and pulling cat hair out of my knitting, spinning...I have 4 cats, and they seem to only shed around my projects~

Adventures In Knitting With The Otter!

The Lazy Knitter

Adventures of a Stashaholic
I'm a hardcore stashaholic from Toronto who tries (and usually fails) to use her "resource centre" on crochet and knit projects. Somehow they never seem to get finished - probably because I have the attention ...

What to do when you love wool and live on the beach? Ahhh: Life should be full of such problems...