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This DC area knitter and her 2 cats are tackling her first \"real\" projects. Lots of pictures, book reviews, and assorted good times.

splatgirl creates
A creative chronicle of cooking, food, knitting, art & design, building a house and whatever else I dream up today. Ideas big and small, whispers of inspiration, thinking out loud and living at full v ...

kreative krista
All kreative, All the time...

Frog it!
s place for stitchinn bitchin

Fidgety Budgie
slightly insane rantings of a knitter living with two cats and a boy, who moved to the pacific northwest on election day 2004 as step one of leaving the U.S. and moving to canada.

Knit-Wits Anonymous
Blogging about knitting, my life and my cats.

Knitting In Cleveland
Just a middle aged nurse knitting in Cleveland.

keeping my hands busy
just a place where I keep track of my obsession :-)

Crazy Cat Lady\'s Musings
Knitting and craft journal of a fanatic cat owner!

Crocheting, knitting and random thoughts
Where I talk about knitting, yarns, and my life in general.

Pins and Needles
A place to ramble on about my current craft projects.

My Alternate Thesis
My blog chronicles my follies and adventures in my third (and final) year of graduate school. It\'s procrastination, so I post a lot. It also talks about knitting and a little about living with Irritable ...

Little Knittin\' Kitten
The blog of a sex kittin/domestic goddess.

My knitting home online.

Calling on Kahlo
I was introduced to Ella, my cat, over a year ago, and then my life was changed by this wonderful critter. Shortly, thereafter I began knitting. I also began volunteecommunity at the shelter. I also ...

I'm a thirty-something translator who spends her days knitting and gambling. I live somewhere in Europe with my SO and our 16 year old cat.

The Scattered Gemini
The Random thoughts from one Scattered Gemini. Join me on my whacky daily journey inside the four walls of my home where i live, work and do most of my knitting. It\'s quite a trip. ;)

A catchall blog for all my crafty projects.

Blue Moon Knitting
Knitting Haven for Cats

KNita KNittin'
KNovice KNitter with a KNack for KNots!

Ea\'s One-Woman Knitting Assault
The knitting blog of a Halifax, Nova Scotia-based woman who\'s about to start year 3 of her English major. She started knitting the summer of 2004, and hasn\'t stopped since. other than knitting, she enjoys ...

knits, purls, and curls
Site about knitting.

Becky's Knitting
Knitting away in Austin, TX with a brand new kitten.

Knitting For Sanity
This is my blog about knitting and my family (including my adorable kitten) and how the former keeps me from killing the later... the family, not the cat.

Knit A While
The site of a knitter who tries hard.

Hyperactive Hands
A secret place for me to revel in my knitting obsession!

Trampled by Geese
The foremost focus of my blog is the twofold: Philosophy and Knitting. I am a philosophy major, currently studying for my undergraduate degree. My knitting obsession started as a way of relieving the ...

All about my adventures in knitting... I like socks for the most part, but I also love to do other things with lots of needles and yarn ;-)

I\'ve recently restarted my blog to be a knitting blog. I recently relocated to St. Louis from Tulsa for school. Currently I\'m an Education major, but I will be transfercommunity schools to UT in Austin ...

PuNk rAwK pUrL
... just a 30-something fashion design student with lots of tattoos, the mouth of a sailor, an angel for a boyfriend, 2 fat cats, and OCD for yarn, fabric, paper, colors, textures, & good Thai food!

Noolie Knits
Ramblings of a knitaholic

Fcommunitye Effects
College Life, Knitting, Random Thoughts, Rants, Physics, Movie Reviews & More! Everything you\'ve been searching for with a candy coated shell. Well....maybe not.

Chrissy\\\'s Random Life
This is where I keep track of my hectic life, including, but not limited to knitting, and designing/altecommunity patterns, crocheting, my crazy and cute grey tabby, and my adventures in academia (I\\\'m ...

Yarns about yarns and other stuff too.

2 Sticks and a Stcommunity
This is a blog about myself, my family, our animals, and life in general as it is interwoven around knitting - or is that the other way around?

babbling brook
just random thoughts on knitting, reading, life & other things I like

Cindy's Craft A.D.D.iction
Chronicles of my craft addiction, especially in knitting, crochet, dyeing, & spinning.

Peony Knits
I knit, post pics of my knitting, and love my cats Buster and Niblet...They make appearances too!

deceptively packaged
A knitting journal from a library school student.

yarngurl: the crafty one
musings about my adventures in knitting

Carol's Lunatic Cafe
Wherein Carol rambles on about knitting, organic gardening, cats, and whatever else is on her mind.

Slogging through grad school with two Siamese cat boys and a fiber arts obsession.

Keep Your Needles Crossed
An addict\'s diary of the obsession with the needles.

Stream of Consciousness
In which an overly analytical knitter uses too many words to describe what she's doing.


A blog that celebrates knitting and other domestic arts... and my cats.

Spinning a Yarn: Orchids Knit Spot
Knitting/Spinning blog!

My blog about kntting, cats & me.

Peachtree Knitter
Yet another knitting with kids and kittens blog. And, apparently, cooking. I do a lot of cooking. {Formally "Smooshy Knit"}

see kim knit
where I talk about knitting, sewing and anything else that crosses my mind...