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It's a knitblog. And there's a noisy cat who likes to sit on the mouse while I type. Do you suppose the person who invented the computer mouse had a cat?

Knitting History
This site is devoted to the history of knitting - my own personal history, the histories of other knitters, and the broader social, cultural, and political history of knitting. The site is hosted by a ...

Faery Crafty
This is a site dedicated to my knitting and other crafts

A kiten knits
A blog for knitting content, and sometimes crochet, tatting or spinning as well, just to spice things up. Not too advanced but I like to have fun.

Is it a sweater yet?
I'm a grad student, a knitter, and I'm devoted to my cat. That's really all you have to know about me!

I like to knit and I have a cat, what more can I say.

Knitting Up A Storm
A blog about my knitting life, and sometimes, my kids, one big cat and other family stuff!

La Principessa Knits
Purls Gone Wild!

I hate waiting
a journal to keep track of my knitting...which is often impeded by my kitties' pleas for attention!!

About my knitting.

house arrest / crafty bitch
sometimes quirky. sometimes funny. always honest.

Marta's knitblog

Neophyte Knitter

Knitting, Crocheting, Sewing, and Alexandra Kitty

HK Knitter

The Lion and the Lamb
This is a cat (lion) lover's weblog of yarn-crafts (lamb), primarily knitting and crocheting.

Granny Square Woman
My personal knitting and crocheting blog, from one who loves nothing more than crafting with her DH & kitty!

Mistress Stash Enhancer
The kits of raising three children, the purl-ils of life, and random Stash Enhancment eXpiditions.

A Woman Obsessed...

knitting adventures with elvis the cat

leetle knits
My various adventures in knitting and learning to spin.

A Stitch in Time
My blog is where I keep up with my various needle arts projects and whatever else pops to mind.

Knit One, Purr Two
The ongoing struggle between one woman - armed only with yarn and circular needles - and seven cats.

Nepenthe's Misadventures
Where Nepenthe waxes poetic on knitting, thrifting and fitness. And whatever else strikes her fancy at the moment!

Just in the Knit of Time
Knitting blog and general chit chat about my family.

My blog with posts about my knitting and other crafts and a little glmpse into my life.

Knitting, or so we'd have you believe.

Knit Kitten
My home away from home for my knitting, family and my cats! ;)

Knits With Cats
Cats, kitties, knitting, books, roses - life is good!

A blog about my adventures with knitting, my kitties and life with my fiance!

Meowycakes Clothing Co. =^,,^=
"...Welcome to my new blog and also to follow our 2005 knit-along with the famous knitty.com Kyoto sweater pattern...come in, get warm and share your thoughts and pics --- it's all good!..."

The life of a silly knitting girl from Australia...Read on

Daily happenings and life in a family of four with three cats in the little house on a hill.

Zarzuela Knits and Crochets
Where knitting, crocheting, spinning, libraries, bassoons & many other things come together.

Plain Jane Knits Up A Storm
A few musings about my needlecraft hobbies - knitting, crocheting, quilting, & cross-stitch along with my other love, genealogy. While growing up, I used to HATE the term \"Plain Jane\", but when it comes ...

Through the Back Loop
Knitting with well-trained cats on my lap.

Tiara Knits
The knitting blog of Marla Tiara and her two kitties, Mikko and Radek Bonk.

Violet Knits
A working mom with 3 kids (including husband), 2 dogs, and a cat that thinks he is a dog. Trying to get my knitting and crocheting in amidst all the chaos!

A knittywitty girl about her knittywitty life

Noodle Knits
a student's log of knitting projects, artsy things, and the adventures of her cat.

Knitting This
A blog for my knitting adventures!

Warm Wishes Knitting
A website and blog about my handknitting and Bond machine knitting, including photos, patterns and charts. Also cats, a dog and a bird!

Sai Blog
The key is to embrace all those little things that we by pass and trample from our lives in every day events

Knitting, knitting, knitting while fruitlessly attempting to keep my 2 naughty kitty boys out of the yarn.

Knits for Sanity
This is a knitting blog. I talk about EVERYTHING knitting. And I do have 2 beautiful cats, Oliver and Miller.

Knitting History
Knitting History is a blog that chronicles my own knitting history while also acknowledging and highlighting the influence of historic knitting traditions on current knitting trends.

Knitting and Praying
This is my online home to share the things I enjoy in my life with the friends that I don\'t get to see every day. Knitting, quilting, some stained glass, birding, nature, cats, dogs, horses, *family, ...

pretty kitty knitty city
adventures in making things. and the cutest cats in the world.

Daily nattecommunitys of a professiona fiber artist

Knitting Sunshine
My site is mostly dedicated to my knittting, but also have two kittens that I plan on \"advertising\" on the site! Hope you enjoy!