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Click Member link to see site in tvWelcome to the Jungle... of Yarn!!!
A site with personal thoughts on knitting, yarn, patterns, the knitting group, and the cats.

Ma Hatfield's
Blog about knitting with kids, cats and a spouse in Southern California.

Blo's Babies
Knitting my way around the cats!


Tangled In Yarn and Covered In Glitter
A delve into my crafty side.

blog of a kitty-crazy, knitting, ass-kicking, leftist librarian in Vancouver, BC. who lives in a crooked little brown house with an amazing husband and a *very* bad kitty.

Monkey Business
A blog about my mis(adventures) in knitting and other pursuits...

can't help but wonder where i'm bound
Blog about knitting, dogs, cats, and the life of the village knidiot, also known as the knitophile :)

Opera Yarns
The life and times of an aspicommunity opera singer who happens to be obsessed with knitting.

Sharp Pointy Sticks
Mindy's adventures in knitting.

A knitting blog with quite a bit devoted to my kids and my pets too.

TitaniumRose - crafting again
My blog showcases my adventures in knitting and all of the fine help I get from my feline companions.

Me, Myself and Milotis78
I write about life, knitting and sometimes I even ramble on about nothing at all. Com\'on everyone, get your knit on!

Knitting with Otto
I knit because I can. He plays with the yarn because he\'s an evil, furry, long-tailed alien from a planet which most assuredly smells like a litter box.

Tightly Wound~Loosely Knit
This is the home of a sometimes tightly wound wife, mother of 4, working woman who loosens up with knitting whenever possible :)

The Beekeepers Granddaughter

Adventures of a Busy Mama
A peek into the life of a novice knitter...with guest appearances by dh, kids and Phoebe the cat

Atomic Kitty Knitting
I've decided in my infinite wisdom (okay spontaneous quirkiness) to create a blog for all my fabulous knitting projects (okay...future projects yet to be completed). I have a fair amount of difficulty ...

It is Rocket Science!
Knitting-is it rocket science?

The Crafty Hobbit
A blog that serves as a record to my fiber obsession, with shameless bits of cat thrown in for good measure.

Knitting blog

flyin Needles
I used the internet to learn to knit and I want to share that with others.

Knit Sweatheart
My quiet little corner where I love to knit socks and share my family life with friends :)

Glitz Knits
knitting blog

Rachel\'s Knitting
Its about me, myself, and my knitting

Various Threads
This blog is dedicated to my fiber arts learning process and knitting projects. I have two cats that love to watch me knit and participate as often as they can get a way with it.

EmmyLiz Knits
A place for me to show off pictures of my knitting and to tell about my life with my husband and my cat

Knitting, reading, and life

Crafty Dormouse
Constant knitting, constantly "supervised" by Clive and Einstein.

Krazi Knitter\'s Place
My daily exploits of knitting with 7 pet cats, a colony of 16 feral/ abandoned cats, 4 abandoned roosters, 3 kids, 1 dog, and a dear Hubby that puts up with it all!


A site for me to collect ideas, links, finished and unfinished projects, and the ideas of others who may be interested.

the knitting nederlass
The life and knitting times of a force of nature from the Netherlands, currently owned by the coolest jazzy cats around; Miles & Mingus!

Knit Once, Purl Forever
Just another knitting blog and the cats behind the site.

Kittens, Mittens and Knit Things
I love to knit, especially when I should be doing other stuff like school work. I have too many projects going and I keep casting on for more. And the kitty, she poses for my pictures and tries to eat ...

The Purple Sheep

rediscovecommunity knitting and sewing as a means to sanity while in health crisis

Juli\'s Jots
A knitting, crochet and crafting blog, along with a healthy helping of pets, kids and all that good stuff. :)

Another crazy knitter with cats shacommunity spinning, knitting, crochet and other fiber arts

Fluffy Knitter Deb
A fluffy knitter who LOVES her kitties!! Lots of chat, lots of knitting, lots of pics, lots of Pumpkin (my exotic shorthair)

Zip-a-dee-doo-dah Day
Happy Blog about knitting, scrapbooking, gardening, pets, cooking, and what ever crafty creative thing comes up.

Little Pear\'s Workshop
A place for me to rant and rave about the crafty happenings that come from my room, otherwise known as Little Pear\'s Workshop.

Knitting Bee
Frequently updated knit-blog by a young mama.

la la la
random musings, knitting related and sometimes not.

Penelope's Got Nothing On Me

Knitting Circle
A diary of my knitting progress on various projects and tid bits on my pets.

Half Baked
Miscellaneous musings about life, the universe, and everything.

The incredibly true adventures of a nebraska girl, transplanted in southern california.

NadaJ Knits
My diary of a city/urban girl, learning to knit, and loving it!

Molly Knits
Watch me struggle with my cats over domain of the yarn! A beginner that is quickly advancing and excited to learn new things. Check out found patterns and tips.