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Ramblings on a LA knitter

She's foxy and crafty

Knitting Board Chat
knitting boards,over 50 patterns, how-to knit videos, dvds and great yarn.

sock pr0n
sock porn for knitting voyeurs.

i made this
an exploration in all things homemade

Knitting Pharm
In Nova Scotia, Deb Barnhill leaves no heel unturned

A Cyber Knitting Mama's craft experiences and more...

Extracts of Thought
A personal blog, where my yarn tales have slowly started to creep into. I also talk a bit about photography, just to give it a bit of balance. And random thoughts, rambles, and the occasional rant.

mlj1954 -- for knitters and others
Some knitting, some gripping, some smiling . . . a mix-mash of nothingness

More Olive Juice Please

Crafting Morrighana

Knitting is my Boyfriend
The knitting/life blog of a 20-something graduate student in Ottawa, Ontario. And knitting is my boyfriend.

Rachael in GSO
A blog about an urban girl trying to thrive in North Carolina and knitting a bridge from nowhere to the online knitting community.

Knitting blog

knit me a new one
knittin' and singin' and freezin' in Ottawa

Tales of knitting (and motherhood) in a suburban town.

She Was Twisted
Watch me craft my way through life, a new baby and the ever-growing whirl of fur we like to call our pets.

Whisking on Pens & Needles

Miss Manners Mittens
A newbie knitting blog

Woman Who Says "Knit"
A 30-something SAHM trying to knit her way to expertise!

I knit. I'm a knitter. I really like yarn. CASHMERE FOR ALL!!!

Short Attention Span
Another 20-something knitter who has trouble finishing things.

A Foggy Place
Chronicles of various knitting projects

*making it in the city*

I'm a grad student recently relocated from the wilds of west philadelphia to the wilds of southwestern virginia. as a result, i knit. a lot. i also listen to a lot of music (that is, after all, why i'm ...

Stitch and Knit
Knitterlings of my trials and tribulations of knitting and stitching.

knitting and designing in NYC

Knitting, cooking and gardening
Knitting, cooking & gardening are some of my favorite things to do in life. And i like to write about those things, among all the other things that happen in my lfe...

The Window
I knit, a LOT. Take a look in The Window at what I'm knitting in my little part of the world.

a foggy place . . .
a knitting blog

auntiemichal ...
Knitter, reader, computer, cat feeder, and (fill-in-the-blank)er with a million project ideas and not enough time to do them all.

Something to Laugh About
A site for knitting and all the laughs that go with it.

A knitting enthusiast and job seeker in the Bay Area!

Love Knitting
Love Knitting & Knitting Love

Kounting Sheep

Beach Bum Knits!


Life...love...knitting, ...and whether or not there's really a difference.

Knitting blog / online diary

Maya's World
My hobbies

Knit Happens in Half Moon Bay
Knitting, thinking, creating with color Felted bags, socks, cables, entrelac

Comfort Sphere
Where I yap about (mostly) my knitting projects and interests in all things crafty.

Hoping to share my sojourn in knitting and blog excitement with the world. I love show and tell...Here goes knittin'!

Crafty Intent
A meeting place for those who love crafts and Law and Order - sometimes indulging in both pleasures at the same time!

Jane Says Knit
Just a knitting blog written by a techy american living in Sheffield, UK.

My Life...
A transplant in Sweden who likes to knit and ocassionally blogs about it.

Shanny Knits!
A catalog of my knitting adventures. And sometimes a bit about animals. And occassional ranting. But always a lot of knitting.

Tejiendo, qu ms?
Estoy tejiendo, qu mas?

Homestead Knitting
I am a beginer, come watch my journey!

An online journal of my adventures in knitting and life.