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Click Member link to see site in tvthe Statistical Improbability of My Existence
random thoughts of an obsessive knitter/painter/ATC-maker...the only thing that keep this nerd from creating non-stop is the neverending quest for new things to create. sarcasm and cynicism abound... ...

Art is the Handmaid of Human Good

Odds and ends
"What is this youa re doing? Knitting? Wow, really? You really know how to do it? Complimenti!" Example of daily dialogue when knitting outdoors in Italy.

Watch me knit. Watch my ferrets try to stop me.

I'll Have You in Stitches
a blog dedicated to everything i love, mostly knitting but also touches of the rest of the "new domesticity" crochet, embroidery, gardening, cooking

Adventures in Knitting
Adventures in learning to knit beyond the basic knit one purl one. More like knit one purl one rip ten.

The Nocturnal Knit Witch
Knitting, dogs, scissors and sewing needles, yea!

Great Towecommunity Textiles
Yarn, fabric, and appropriate accoutrements stacked for storage -- and for better living .....

Fibersnob! Confessions of a Stashaholic
Fibersnob! Confessions of a Stashaholic A little bit about me, all things knitting and the old day to day.

lynne's fabulous knitting
this is just my little space to ramble, rave, and rant about knitting...and sometimes a bit of spinning.

Knots & Tangles
Knitting and confusion in Upstate NY

Emilee Knits

Dawn's Dream
Dawn's new knit blog

Erica's Blog

A Wandecommunity Knitter
The adventurers of a world wanderer and her travelling stash.

Domestic Bliss
Mostly knitting, although sometimes reading, cooking, and other stuff end up in there too.


Sade's Blog
Not only knitting.

Stitches In Pink

A Geek Gone Mild

My Three Sons
my boys and the kniting they let me get done

Willis' Knit Ramblings
I'm a horse crazy knitter who took a 25 year or so leave from knitting and have recently started up again.

Socks, books, writing, cats, or food.

broke knits
Germanist and knitter. It really is more exciting than it sounds.

A place for me to talk about what ever crafty thing I'm into at the moment. Right now it's Knitting and Spinning all the way!

Black Dog Knits
A knitting blog from Sydney, Australia with free knitting patterns.

Cloud Heights
A blog discussing the chaos of creativity including knitting, Joni Mitchell and painting clouds ...

Fcommunitye Effects
College Life, Knitting, Random Thoughts, Rants, Physics, Movie Reviews & More! Everything you've been searching for with a candy coated shell. Well....maybe not.

Fuzzy Galore
Sometimes more about ripping than actual knitting, but that's the breaks :-).

A blog about my adventures (or misadventures, or attempted adventures) in knitting.

Knitting N Progress
Love to knit and write about what I am knitting come check me out!



Charm City Knits
What is there to say about me.........hmmm........I'm a single mom raising two wonderful boys while attempting not to lose my sanity or identity in the process. lol :)

Job 23:10
This is where I share my life as a mother, cook, taxi-driver, knitter, crocheter, dutiful daughter, mediator, teacher, nurse, housekeeper, referee.....

Nell Knits

True Epicure Says

the ShizzKnit! Spindle & Skein: City Stories
Just a local gal, spinning (and knitting) through life in the big city.

Knits for Twinkies

a personal knitting blog

Tammy Knits
Knitting for sanity in a houseful of boys.

Drive-By Thinking
Random thoughts whizzing by. Whatever's in my head at the moment. Writings on my knitting projects, my job, my kid, my lack of sleep, etc.

just another knitting blog!

i am a knitter, for a hobby, i am a flight attendant

Knights Do Knit
A blog about the knitting I'd like to be doing, were it not for motherhood, life, etc

. . . and another thing
knitting, dachshunds, music, baseball, crafts, etc.

My personal blog to babble on about all the (non-work) creative things I do - knitting, parenting, quilting, reading.

Place knitting pun here
Working my way through the fiber arts in Kentucky.

knitting in the rain

Frou's World