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A blog of my life in knitting!

Tiarasaurus Knits
Chronicles my knitting progress: projects in progress or in the queue; links to patterns and how-to articles; discussions of other resources like books

Montcalm Knits

Knitting On Call
Random ramblings from a mom, doc, knitter and new spinner.

Knotts Knitts

Will Work for Yarn
Janine Tinklenberg loves to write about knitting almost as much as she loves to knit! Her knitting poems have been published in knitting guild newsletters across the United States and Interweave Knits ...

pieces and bits
pieces and bits of a little of everythin'

Knit Free or Die
One woman's adventures in learning to knit and cultivating an (un)healthy fiber addiction.

talkin about knitting, books, cats, and dogs

Knitting, spinning, ego aggrandizement

Nice Knotty Knitter
It's a place to share my knitting, projects, yarn, stories and musings. Anything to do with yarn.

Michelle Can Knit

Z Knits...and Sews
Knitting with a little sewing thrown in!

ramblings of a grad student who spends much more time knitting (and reading about knitting, and writing about knitting...) than she probably should

The Desultory Knitter
Recently, a friend referred to me, with wild inaccuracy, as her 'knitting guru'. This random bit of kindness lit a fire under me to improve my knitting skills and to take on more challenging projects. ...

144 Inches of I-Cord
I do what I can.

Venus Trapped
Knitting, my jerk cat, funny little work stories, job hunt in SE MI.

The Whole Ball of Yarn(s)
A journal of my knitting, writing, cooking, and other activities.

A girl with a heart of wool
A knitting blog where yarn is turned into other things.

Here a stitch, there a stitch
My life as it revolves around knitting, dh, kitty, puppy, God, books, camping, and whatever else happens to pop up!

Crash Test Dummies
A frequently updated blog documenting my frustration, knitting, cat tormenting, flower planting, and beer making.

Annie Knits
I knit and that's that.

snowdrop's sense and unsensibility
Knitting for an even-keel tomorrow. And also just because.

Happy knitting goodness

One girl's knitting adventures in Santa Barbara, CA.

Just Bee
knitting, cooking, relationships, and current events

Marie Grace....Yarn Slayer
Journeys of a homeschooling mom of 4 through the realms of yarn and family.

knits for twinkies
just all my knitting stuff

The Front Porch Swing
A modern woman painstakingly makes cloth from the hair of animals much to the bemusement of other people.

Bitchin' Stitchin'
Diary of a self-confessed yarn-o-holic, who knits, eats chocolate and contemplates life in general whilst living halfway between Oxford & London in rainy England. Having just ditched alcoholic Texan husband ...

The Purloined Letter
Quoth the Raven, "Knit some more!"

Knitting, working, reading, brewing. But mostly knitting. Oh, and I do have a cat. And two other cats. And a dog.

rose read
Blog of yarn, with forays into books and librarianship, and problems communitng.

Slumberland is a general blog including lots of random things I find interesting, including knitting (patterns, too!), music, and pop culture.

Alimum Knits

Abrupt Change of Topic
The loop-d-loops of knitting and life.

Lick My Sticks
A blog about knitting, heavy metal, and the sitcom that is my life.

A Knitting, spinning blog with a wine of the week feature.

Stickin' it to Ewe
This is my little home to show off all of the lovely things I make with needles. It has the added benefit of keeping folks I love up-to-date on Eric and my adventures as I seem to be unable to write letters, ...

Quelle Erqsome
I'm a self-confessed dork with a love of James Bond and zombies, and a desperate need to make things.

knits, papergoods, accessories and more...übercherry goodies make you feel übercheery inside!

Julie's Stuff
All things knitting and a few that are not....

Rhincodon Types
A blog mostly about knitting, with occasional proclamations of my love of whale sharks. And whale sharks who knit. Because they totally can.

Sweet Magenta
bloggin' about crafts. ranting about random crap. wasting time at work.

Sunshine Pop
My blog about knitting, being in a band and other things that make me tick and clickety-click.

Angelarae Knits
Knitting, Writing, Raleigh.

A divorce lawyer who knits, or a knitter who practices law? That is the question.

Downeast Yarn Ho
A lefty knitter in Portland Maine

but anyways...
A Wisconsin knitter and professional dilettante braves the distractions of other interesting objects and activities to focus on her Art.

Monkey Pants and Hippo Dignity
A little bit of knitting, a little bit of blather, and a little bit of hippo dignity.