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Where I ramble about my knitting projects.

I am SuperCrafty
Chronicles of a Los Angeles-based knitter and online yarn seller.

i like to knit and think about math.
watch her struggle to be a good math student, curse her misshapen knitting, and leave it to languish with her fiddle even though she loves them both.

Gone Knitting
A Knitting blog ... and Shopping, Antiques, Tennis and Groov'n with my family

Blog Intrepid
Personal blog, often contains knitting content and reenactment related content.

A twenty something knitting momma who dabbles inpolitics, Celebrancy, business ownership, wilderness survival, and marriage when the needles aren't flying.

My Latest Obsession
My ramblings about life, knitting, reptiles and any shiny thing that catches my fancy.

Fido Knits
Rover's ramblings, and Bailey's barkings, about life, knitting, and the intersection of the two.

Be Inspired
Jonelle Raffino is the creative director of SWTC. Read along as she designs, reviews designs, knits, crochets, and shall info and insight into new yarns and the manufactucommunity side of the yarn biz ...

Drive By Knitting
A blog where two best friends - One in Louisville, KY and one in Atlanta, GA - post their projects and keep in touch.

Kids & Knits
A record of my knitting progress, and of life on our smallholding where we breed Angora goats and Jacob sheep.

my knitting blog- hopefully other fiber stuff too, like felting and spinning. I like lace alot, and I plan on posting alot of pictures of my dog!

Musings about knitting and all things related to knitting

A Blog of knitting and crafting from a knitty, kitty, anime fan.

kat knits
a little place to write about my knitting...

Some Bunny's Weblog
A diary of my works in progress, whether in yarn, my garden, and life in general.

casa java knits
coffee and knitting and yarn and spinning and children and life...

Slick Knits
The knitting endeavors of Slickery, a 36 year old novice knitter in Dayton, OH.

Knitting Caboodle
I learned to knit because I became a sahm and I needed something challenging and creative. I taught myself to knit ducommunity the summer 2004 while sitting in my son's nursery ducommunity his naps. ...

electric ladybugland
All about my various fiber pursuits, including spinning, knitting, weaving, dyeing and anything else fiber with the occasional biochemistry or banjo reference!

Ruby Plaid
Ruby Plaid asks you to visit her knitting blog. Lots of projects always on the needles, especially Ruby's newest obsession-socks! Enjoy!

Tightly Wound~Loosely Knit
This is the home of a sometimes tightly wound wife, mother of 4, working woman who loosens up with knitting whenever possible :)

Jo mommy
I love knit ,but just kinda start,and this weblog it's about me,my family,and knitting...or maybe some DIY stuff I did.

LC in Sunny So Cal
Just a girl finding her way...a mom, a wife, a volunteer. Read the "Star Thrower" and you'll understand my personal philosophy and motto: "It matters to this one..."

Knit now, Study later
A blog of a knitting college student! So many works in progress, hopefully they'll be finished soon!

Yes I'm knitting, do you have a problem with that?
My name is Martha, and I am addicted to knitting. Currently I feed my addiction by knitting and purchasing yarn and reading blogs.

a journal of my life and knitting

A Knitted Frenzy
A site devoted to my journey in knitting and recovery over divorce. I rant a little, knit more and drink wine ducommunity both.

babbling brook
just random thoughts on knitting, reading, life & other things I like

For Love and Idleness
knitting, especially small items easily transported in a backpack, and warm items to fend off the Canadian winter, indoors and out

needle book
A blog dedicated to arts & crafts, created by a children's book illustrator. Includes illustration, knitting, sewing, embroidery, bead knitting, appliqué and crochet projects.

Quinta Essentia

The Nocuturnal Knit Witch
Knitting and daily life....

Clicking Needles
Knitting from the perspective of a college student- buried under mounds of homework and yarn, alternately.

Creative One

Knit This
It's a knitting blog - pictures of projects and whatnot...

Addicted to Alpaca
A general knitting blog detailing all of my knitting projects, and the odd bit about my life as a freelance writer.

Sheepish Annie
This site is devoted to my love of all things fiber: spinning, knitting, rug hooking and periodic attempts at weaving.

Show me your knits
A blog run by a 15 year old knitter.

In Stitches
A Photo Journal of an Obsessive Knitter

Pink Sheep

Soul Droppings
knitting blog

Knit Knot Purl Curl
This is my blog with all things concerning Crochet, Crochenit, Double Ended Crochet, Tunisian Crochet, Knitting and KWON. I blog about things that I am in the process of making or learning. I love to take ...

Knits Fabulous
A knitting blog with WIPs, FO's and the occasional original pattern.

A blog created to keep three knitting friends in touch although one moved away.

When I have important stuff to do, I knit instead.

Working through my stash, my mother's stash, my mother-in-law's stash, and my grandmother's stash....maybe I should just open a store?

Smitten Knitten
A new knitter's journey to wooly enlightenment…in a place where I really have no reason to make a sweater.

Reading While Knitting
Reading and knitting and musing on both. Mostly while dealing with a large family.

creative soul confessions
A craftydiva, her crafty obsessions, and random musings about life, love, politics, and yarn.