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Purl, Interrupted
a simple tale of a transplanted city girl and her love for circular knitting needles.

Dyeabolical Yarns
Dyeing, spinning and knitting in St. Louis, MO.

And She Knits Too
The musings of a Ph.D. Candidate who, most times, would rather be knitting

Sunny Days
In my blog i ramble on about my crafy adventures including knitting, crocheting, sewing, and more.

Craftylilly's Garden of Yarn and Beads
I've been creating bead jewelry for four years and knitting for one. I've been a certified craft-a-holic my whole life!

Knitting Between the Lines
Knitting between the lines and reading between the strands of yarn in pursuit of a PhD, purcommunity cats, and beautiful projects!

See Jane Knit
See Jane knit! Follow Jane's fantastic knitting adventures, from casting on to casting off. Excitement will be had by all!

A Work In Progress
Where I discuss my dyeing, spinning and knitting life with lots of photos.

Yea, I Knit...
Yet another new blog by yet another knitter...

Knit Nut Natters
Knitting adventures at 35 degrees Celsius

AngiPant's Kicks
Random Rants by Angipants.

Just a little glimpse into my knitting mania.

k1, (knit one)
A fine artist blogs about her experiences learning a new craft.

Plum Tuckered
Dedicated to knitting, weaving and anything related to textiles.

Black Sheep
This is where I share my knitting adventures. I post pictures of my projects and random thoughts about knitting in general.

Artemis' adventures in yarn and fiber
where the 'goddess girl' babbles about knitting and fiber and random stuff

Freak of Knit-ture
I knit, I spin, I love it.


fuzzy orange bear
a spot for me to procrastinate over my current and previous knitting projects.

Soap Fiber Gal

Nearly Adult Knitter Dancer and Poet Takes on World with Knitting Needles, Pointe Shoes and Pen...(well keyboard anyway)

finally waking up
A blog where I ramble about my future goal of at least partial self sufficiency as well as whatever I happen to be growing, knitting or sewing at the time!

Cindy's Craft A.D.D.iction
Chronicles of my craft addiction, especially in knitting, crochet, dyeing, and spinning.

The adventures of the silver bullet
Things I have made. Things I have done. Random ramblings. And of course, the adventures of the silver bullet - my beloved bike.

Kirsti Knits
A Brit who's moved to Michigan and just picked up needles about a month ago.. and yes, I'm already addicted.

Fiber and Photography
Random journaling about my plunge into the world of knitting!

Knit Me a River
This is a place for me to share my knitting and anything else that might be interesting at the moment

I knit and watch movies.
I blog about projects I'm working on and movies I'm watching from Netflix - stills included! It's not a bad read, I promise.

Knitting, Spinning... what more is there?

A knitter of no distinction who wanted a knitting blog anyway. Awful knitters unite!

Always Casting On...
Confessions of a Knitting, Spinning, Sock Yarn Hoarder

Life In LaLaLumayLand
A blog devoted to knitting, pop culture, and various crafts.

Through the Loops!

Far Above Rubies Knitblog
The life of a Christian knitter + lots of free pattern links!

EmmyLiz Knits
This is my first venture into the world of blogging, to record my knitting projects (and other happenings in my life).

knitting weblog

Darkside of Knitting
My blog about my knitting, my cats and what happens around this.

She's Foxy and Crafty
A site dedicated to funky and foxy crafts.

An angelic knitter ;)

while the rabbit sleeps
things I do while the rabbit is sleeping

She Just Walks Around With It
a humorous and self-deprecating look at the life of a young, single urban knitter in the throes of a life-altecommunity weight loss expedition.

where I obsess about knitting.

Just another personal blog that includes a little bit of everything - my knitting, my photography, family life, my quest for perfection...

Knit a little, read a little, watch a little - whine a lot. I always intend to talk about my knitting, but there's always something peeving me that I need to get off of my chest!

knits, purls, and curls
Random thoughts on knitting, music, movies, politics, history, my cat, etc.

Frog In Knots
Knitting, knots and frogging.

Bear Mountain Picnic
Knitting and spinning blog in Santa Cruz, California.

Gorgeous Knits
Website indulging in the pleasure of knitting.

Zibibbo is Good
Zibibbo, at it again.