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Coffee community, er community of Knitty coffeeshop users.

Musings of a (mostly) self-taught knitter.
A blog about my trial and errors teaching myself to knit, the development of a knit-addiction, and my thoughts and experiences in the world of yarn.

Knitters are funny; we keep people in stitches.

Stream of Consciousness
Thoughts, stories, and other things that pop into my head. Mostly about knitting.

Knitting, creativity, and life.

Bohemian Bluestocking
mostly knitting, sewing, costume design, theater, books, some politics, life as a retail lackey trying to make ends meet in the oh-so-lovely *cough*lying*cough* Berkshires

Taking Back the Knit
It's just my modest little knitting blog.

Strung Out
The incoherent musings of a first year law student desperately trying to make time to knit and spin.


Cooking n Knitting
Cooking & Knitting!

Knittin' Mom
Knitting, designing and mommying in beautiful Portland, OR.

Ave Trivia Imperatrix!
A blog about life, yarn, sports, cats, and other important things.

In which a thirtysomething stay at home mom talks about her knitting adventures, movies, life, reading, music, etc.

Ruth's Knits
A homemaker with some time on her hands and a few things to share.

Feelings are important
I talk (and whine!) about knitting, school, and work.

Confessions of a Yarn-a-holic
Knitter from South Carolina.

Sweet little domestic life
This is my blog all about my adventures in the world of vegan knitting. I also include helpful tips as I come across them and vegan recipes.

Crazy Aunt Purl
The true-life diary of a thirty-something, soon-to-be-divorced, OCD-germaphobe knitter who has four cats. Because nothing is sexier than a divorced woman with four cats.

Knitting By CarrieScribe
A blog from someone who is new to both knitting and blogging, and blindly feeling her way as she teaches herself both -- having the time of her life in the process.


The Yarn Ninja
A grad student's adventures in knitting, yarn, and shiney things that catch her attention.

Moose in the City
Read all about my knitting tribulations and triumphs as I muddle my way through endless skeins of yarn and what look to me like some very perplexing patterns. Why "Moose in the City"? Well, because I'm ...

Adventures In Knitting With The Otter!

just another damn knitting blog
cheaper than crack. in theory.

Jo's website of knitting, toddlers, and books. Usually in that order.

On the needles