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Pick Up Sticks
It's a soap opera, not a knitting project.

Musings of a (mostly) self-taught knitter
My trials and errors teaching myself to knit, the development of a knit-addiction, and my thoughts and experiences in the world of yarn.

There's lace in my knitting plans!

This is a tale of wonder and excitement, of danger and thrill, of heartbreak and life lessons. This is a tale of a girl and her knitting.

Villaa ja villakoiria / Poodles and Wool
I knit anything that is interesting enough to catch my attention long enough and not to bore me. Hence the lace. Okay, socks, sometimes...

Domestic Bliss
Mostly knitting, although sometimes reading, cooking, and other stuff end up in there too.

Knitting at Night
general comments on knitting, gardening, cats, whatever.

Alianne Knits
I knit socks, lace as well as a few other crafts.

Stream of Consciousness
In which an overly analytical knitter uses too many words to describe what she's doing. Lace, cables, and more!


Knits and Giggles
It's what I do.

A blog of knitting, crochet, quilting, and anything else that pops out of my head.

Knitting Therapy

The Whole Ball of Yarn(s)
A journal of the things I do; knitting, reading, writing, and cooking. Oh, and pictures of my cats.

Is it Time to Knit Yet?

Texo Ergo Sum

Random fibers
A chronicle of my increasing obsession with yarn.

Knitting Brownies
Knitting along in the Summer of 2006!

Through the Loops!

Knitting Underway
I knit. This summer, I knit lace.

Knitting in the Shadows
A random compendium about my thoughts on my knitting and other topics.

Antics with the menagerie

The Yarn Bug
My knitting blog

Alum Creek
Life and Art on Alum Creek


The Akamai Knitter
I'm all about the lace, the knitted lace.

the often nonmedical musings of a USC medical student

JB Knits
My little piece of the 'net dealing with my knitting and day-to-day life.

Mutter of Purl
My opinions (and I do have a lot of them) on knitting and sometimes other topics.

Knitting in the Valley

Knit 'n Lit
Another (!) blog about knitting.

And so the days are filled...
It's 10pm on a Sunday. Where did my day go?

Rose-Kim Knits
A blog about my knitting, life and other stuff.

WandaWoman:Adventures in Knitting and Life

See earthchick knit. See earthchick knit lace. Knit, earthchick, knit!

Girl Who Knits

A Little Loopy
Three SoCal knitters and their yarn adventures.

Penny Lane
My personal blog focuses primarily on my knitting & quilting, with some posts about family & friends.


Print o' the Wave Stole and I are team Think Knit, which is almost a palindrome. We're mostly racing for the eat, sleep, and mingle segments.

Noey's Mommy Knits
My adventures in knitting and life with a 6 year old.

a sewing nana becomes re-addicted to knitting and newly addicted to lace - shawls - and socks. Her trusty Siamese "The Meezer" makes running commentary.

Russell Yarn

Knitting with KB
My knitting blog with new additions for the Amazing Lace 2006 Challenge! :)


Knitting Doctor
Another knitting blog! I knit, I'm a doctor, and I'm a fairly new lace knitter.

Knitting in the North

Pickin' and Throwin'
A blog by two long-distance friends about knitting and life.

Just A Knit Wit
Just one suburban gals blog about knitting, working and day to day life.