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Shacommunity The Moment
There will be stitching and paper arts going on here.

Frog in Knots
My muddles through crafting on a whim; knitting, crochet and sewing mostly made up as I go along.

Frog Monkey
Stories about knitting, frogging, and monkeys!

A girl, her mutt, and some yarn.

Wool Windings
Wool Winder's knitting journal


Ruth's Knits


JB Knits
Blog about JB and her knits

A place my my knitting ramblings ...

My Bountiful Life
hockey mom, homeschool mom, organic gardener, enough pets to have our own food chain, i.am.canadian. engineer by schooling... in practice, not so much, knitter, spinner, gadget girl extraordinaire, camera ...

Knit obsession
The weblog of an obsessive knitter with way too much stash and very many half knitted socks

Dutch Knitting
I blog about my knitting and spinning and the love for my cats.

one's lawyer's knitting adventures

Every Word's A Purl
A harried reporter's escape into the gleeful world of knitting, crochet and other random craftiness. Completely narcissism and self-importance free!

SistahCraft–Flavor Infused Needlework
This is a site that provides honest information, humor, truth, and promotes a dialog, primarily about knitting, but I welcome other crafts as well.

Shazzas Knits
My blog about knitting which my friends and family call my obsession.

Time to Knit
Musings on my knitting life...and my life in general.

Knitting Nurse
Come on over and read all about my adventures in knitting, nursing, being a mom and just whatever else may come up. Hope to "hear" from you.

Knitting On The Avenue
Knitting on the Avenue is where I live, knit and design. Somewhere alone the line I've also collected a family and Chloe the cat, who all fit in well with my crazy obsession of collecting yarns and knitting ...

The Comfy Bev
Comfy Knitted Goodness by a Creature of Comfort Knitting

Alianne Knits
See my knitting and spinning

Noeys Mommy Knits
My life with my 5 year old and my obsession with knitting.

The Scattered Gemini
The Random thoughts from one Scattered Gemini. Join me on my whacky daily journey inside the four walls of my home where i live, work and do most of my knitting. It's quite a trip. ;)

Just Jussi
Trans-Tasman knitter,New Zealand family expat in Australia, watch Jussi juggle family, work and knitting.

She Blogs
My little outlet for knitting adventures, family, and random thoughts.

Knitter's block
Mostly about knitting, sometimes something else too with occasional pictures of a cat.

the stripey tiger
Knitting and occasional sewing and patchwork adventures in Australia.

A Knitter In Queens
All about my addiction to knitting.

Wrap and Turn
Knitting and more in Seattle

Food and Yarn
My latest projects : knitting, spinning and eating.

Dyed in the Wool
A UK science students tries to knit less and science more.

My knitting experiences - Finished objects - fun stuff - links.

Zeeppo's Knitting Blog
A cry for reason againstthe unreasonable advocates of wool

Villain Extraordinaire: knitting unto death
Here deeds most evil in the realm of stitchery are recorded with utmost imprecision and bias.

Knitiot Savant
Knitting, living, thinking and being a mom.

Finished Object Dance

After 13-odd years as a veterinarian, it was time for a change, so I set my sights on knitting and knit design.

Marie Fly Fly
My blog is about knitting.

Purls Are A Girl\'s Best Friend
My (seemingly) random thoughts on knitting, writing, life, oh!, and don\'t forget...living in a house full of BOYS!

Yo La Tejo
Random notes on knitting, books, shoes, and life as a graduate student in literature at the University of Texas.

The Beekeepers Granddaughter
Just a gal who knits, does cross-stitch, and shares her living space with 2 very demanding cats.

Knit One Quilt Too
The knitting and quilting adventures of one busy mom on Oregon.

Bowerbird Knits
Lots of sweaters and socks for the bowerbirds to steal.

spud says hi
Knitting, mostly, and things watched and read and thought about while doing so (well, not so much the reading).

...I'm Tinking
A journal to track my knitting frustrations, observations, and projects.

Yarn Tootin'
A blog about knitting, yarn, and my life as a professional musician and amateur knitter.

Lissa's Long Yarn

A Woman Obsessed