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Pensive Frog
A melange of cooking, baking, knitting, craftyness, and TV-aholicism

Jofrog is Knitfrog!
An almost daily updated site of my knitting with some other crafts thrown in for good measure.

Tia Knits
Chronicles of a Crazy Knitter

Nepenthe's Misadventures
Nepenthe describes her daily activities ok knitting, thrift store shopping, a never ending quest for fitness and her occasional forays into the land of Craft.

Plath's Adventures in Knitting
Plath's Adventures in Knitting, Spinning and Life

Adventures of a Desi Knitter
Knitting keeps an Indian academic sane in the States. Almost.

The Knitter speaks

Ellen blogs about knitting, designing and the challenges of being creative in a house full of boys.

Cheap Knitter
Just me and my knits, designed by me or using free patterns, and trying to save as much money as possible. Gettting ready to move away from blogdrive.

Dr. Girlfriend Knits
Just my little website/blog detailing my knitting projects, joys, and struggles.

Strung Out
The incoherent musings of a first year law student desperately trying to make time to knit and spin.


The Boogie Knits
2 cups of knitting, 1 cup of spinning, 1/2 cup of sewing and pottery with a pinch of business talk, a teaspoon of the family. Bake for a couple of hours and you have boogie.


My thoughts on the therapeutic value of knitting. I have a son with autism and knitting has kept me sane as we learn and deal with autism.

my passion for knitting

My Yarn Stash IS My Retirement Plan
Knitting my way through 51 miles of yarn and mocking the craft projects of yore.

Knitting and 9-0
A blog about knitting, 90210, and everything in between.

the love affair between a girl and her yarn....

Sunshine Pop
My blog about knitting, being in a band and other things that make me tick and clickety-click.

Misadventures in Knitting
Things could go right in life, but they so rarely do. So, I go with the flow and laugh at my misadventures as often as possible. Laughing hurts a whole lot less than stabbing yourself in the eye with your ...

Knit Spiral

january one
The Knitty Life of a New Year's Baby

Stay at Home Knitter
About knitting, little abou kids and very little about husband.

Elabeth Knits
The knitting blog of a girl with too many projects going at once and a serious yarn addiction.

Yarn Harlot
Stephanie Pearl-McPhee goes on (and on) about knitting

Compulsive Knitter
I took up knitting again while working on my MA in Linguistics. Now I am a PhD student in Communication Disorders living in Lafayette, LA with a LDH (long distance husband) and two cats living in Detroit. ...

Photos and commentary about my knitting.

knitty knitty bang bang
who knew knitting could be so much fun?

Oh What A Tangled Web
Random ramblings about knitting, kids, travel, and life...

I knit and watch movies, too! I blog about my projects (from lace to sweaters to socks) and post stills from the movies I'm renting from Netflix. It's a good read, I promise!

knitting & other distractions

Knotty Mouse
A pierced & tattooed Southern knitter/spinner talks about life, motherhood, and fiber arts.

Mainly knitting but also many other kind of wand works and "arts"

Tall Gal Knits and Spins
About my three spinning wheels, knitting adventures and stash enhancement, some cat pictures

Random Knits
Knitting blog and random musings from Sydney, Australia


knitting sister
A blog about my knitting and the adventures of my knitting group.

Knitting Knot

Jersey Knitter
Greetings! from Jersey Knitter, a blog devoted to knitting roundabout Exit 151.

Ramblings of a labrador retriever owning knitter who's also a working mom

leetle knits
My adventures in knitting and trying to finish all of those projects I started.

Will Pillage For Yarn
Knit blog.

Adventures of a knitter who can't sit still.

Knit Flix
A knifty knitting knarrative.

red dog knits
a mediocre knitter and a red dog model

Now Norma Knits
Wherein I go on and on about what I'm knitting and spin yarns about some other things going on in my life.


Little Purl of the Orient
A blog on knitting, crocheting and other needle work maintained by in Hong Kong.