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three-fourths knitting + one-fourth life = this blog

Knitting, crochet, online journal, short stories, Indigo Girls information and more!

another knitting blog
just another knitting blog with pictures, descriptions of my latest projects, and opinions of things knitting related (and not)

the blue blog
alison's knitting blog{;}

Art as an everyday attitude. Color as an art medium. LynnH muses about knitting, dyeing, spinning, feltmaking, printmaking, mail art, polymer clay, cooking and anything else that makes the artful life ...

knitting and purling and other indoor sports

Claudia's Knitting/Spinning Blog
This is a weblog of my knitting, spinning and other sundry fiber projects.{;}

Random thoughts about our obsession

Knitting in Color
Color knitting on small needles and all about my pet rabbit

Yarn Utopia
A site devoted to the eclectic ramblings of a craft dilettante extraordinaire! Come see what she is up to today...

Just my type
The knitting and otherwise crafty blog of a crafty lady.

handknitter...a blog
An always wordy and sometimes interesting tour through my knitting life.

Dogs Steal Yarn
Knitting and Spinning in Brooklyn

Close to my Heart
Knitting and craft blog{;}

Emma & Co.
Where I write about my knitting ,spinning,stashing and life in general

Supergirl's Guide to Tri's, Knitting and Life in Seattle
Supergirl's Guide to Tri's, Knitting and Life in Seattle

Stolen Moments of Time
Knitting, blogging and living life in Texas with 2 kids, husband and 3 jobs. Wonder why I have to steal moments of time to knit?

gibknits - because it's cheaper than therapy
A documentation of my knitting, spinning and dyeing efforts. Who doesn't love wool?!

And she knits too!
The musings of a PhD candidate, who most times, would rather be knitting

Daily fiber therapy.
Getting fiber therapy daily helps things run smoothly. Join me for excursions into the world of knitting geekdom!

Bron's Blog II
Mostly knitting with a few detours into crochet and other crafts. Lots & lots of knitting!

Carrieoke's Knitting Blog
the thoughts of a beginning knitter, dog lover, and first time blogger.

Like The Queen
My blog about my knitting projects, including knit along with me posts and knitting cartoons.{;}

Mason-Dixon Knitting
Knitting north and south, from Kay in Manhattan and Ann in Nashville. Two efriends who have never met in person carry on about every subject under the sun, even knitting.

Uncle Leona's Day Camp
Musings, rantings, and the like about my knitting, golf, and stuff.{;}

KnitWitSL's Blog
Ramblings mostly about knitting, with a little crocheting, reading and kids thrown in!

my thoughts and comments on my knitting projects (numerous and slow) and my life in general (one and fast.)

Knitting in the Valley
Welcome to my blog where I share my love for knitting.

Crafty Chick Knits

Knitting Aloud
Sturdygirl raps on about knitting in the Washington, DC area. Knitting pics and periodic reviews of knitting stores in other cities.

Madame Purl

I knit so I spin, I spin so I knit! Oh yeah, and there's that whole raising the kiddo's thing too! :-D

Mandi Knits
Ms. Mandi Knits ...and crafts ...and is generally a big ol' geek.

Thoughts on knitting, life, and being(kind of) bossy in Ohio.

Cass Knits!
A blog where I discuss my knitting, my family, and sometmes politics.

My knitting blog where I ramble on about my knitting triumphs and woes.

hello, lovely
ramblings and knittings of a 23 year old in love

Knitting away
I fell out the vagon and I started knitting again .... once a knitter, always a knitter.

I'd Rather Be Knitting at the Beach
The site discusses my thoughts about knitting, including project updates, lessons learned, yarn shops visited.

A personal blog about me, my knitting, my garden and things that tickle my fancy.

Small Hands
This is a journal of my knitting and crocheting projects and progress. It also includes links to informative tutorials or other cool stuff I find.

Subway Knitter
A Boston-based knitter's daily musings about her works in progress.

A blog about my adventures in learning to knit and other art projects.

I'm an Aussie who loves to knit and I've recently discovered sock knitting!

The Frog's Blog
An on-line journal documentation of my adventures in knitting.

One Crazy Fiber Lady
A blog detailing my various and crazed hobbies of spinning and knitting. I'd like to write patterns, show pictures of works in progress, finished items and collect resources for knitting from around ...

Yarn Miracle
One of those knitting blogs. You know the ones. With the yarn and the needles..? Well, what'd you think I was going to write about - canned goods?

They Also Serve
Knitting in the southern mountains of North Carolina

Vera's Crafty Blog
My adventures in knitting, crocheting, and other stuff

Rose-Kim Knits
A blog about my knitting, life and other stuff.