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Click Member link to see site in tvAll This By Hand
My knitting, my son and occasionally my cats.

Knit & Spin Crazy
The daily updates and confessions of a knitaholic, spinaholic, and all around busy bee mom.

Missouri Star
A site where I journal about my knitting and life in general.

Kris Crafts!
Kristin's world of crafting craziness

Where the Knit hits the Fan - you know how to knit: just put your tips together and go!

The Knittin' Kitten
Notes about my knitting and pets.

Nake-id Knits
Knitting in the raw

Portable Knitting
It's how I take my knitting with me when I can't have the actual yarn and needles with me.

Shoes and Yarn
My endless search for the perfect pair of shoes and the perfect yarn, not necessarily in that order

a knitting blog and occasional ditigal photos of DS - parenting issues sometimes discussed -

Something From Nothing
Progress reports from a new knitter

Hither and Yarn
Adventures in knitting and life, while battling entropy.

My SoCalled Blog
Knitting, a little sewing, some other crafts- most successful, some not! Lots of pondecommunity the meaning of inanely trivial matters. Some travel & hiking.I think my blog gives a good idea of my personality. ...

threads and needles, sticks and stcommunitys
The needlework and knitting ramblings of a 50something fiber addict. Any technique or project is fair game. You'll also get book reviews and the occasional comment on my life.

Yarn Dreams
A running monolog of my projects and ideas. Created to get myself to finish projects (!), share ideas with people, and maybe inspire someone to try something new. Also, there will be free patterns available ...

She Who Knits
A blog for me to keep track of my knitting and other crafty projects.

Sandy's Knitting!
Knitting and life{;}

Knit by Nora
Knit by Nora is a collection of knitting minutia designed to sustain my creative soul, offer fun bits and pieces for readers and, hopefully, change and improve the culture of knitting through the learning ...

A blog about what I'm stitching, these stitches being mostly of the knitting variety, with the occasional quilt bit stitched in.{;}

Purls Before Swine
Circular thoughts on knitting. {;}

Knotology: Ivete's Knitting
All about my current knitting, pictures of projects, and my yarn obsession.

My never-ending quest to prevent boredom through too many hobbies ;-)

A curly haired knitter speaks from New York City

Needles and Wool
An on-going web site about my obsession, frustration, enjoyment and love of knitting.

Frog It
{;}My knitting blog (versus my other blog where I write about stuff and include my knitting at http://polymath.blogspot.com).

midnight knitter
knit blog...i try to keep the content only about knitting...lots of photos and some free patterns!

b r a i n y l a d y
Dealing with a knitting obsession, one day at a time.

All Tangled Up
Knitting Obsessive ... tales of a transatlantic knitting fiend, who also collects knitting things. See you at Liberty's!

basic going ons of knitter, spinner, cat person..dyes fiber often..gardens in the NE

Sarah's Journal
Confessions of a knit-aholic...

{;}My knitting, a darling cat, and coffee (mostly).

life, knitting and other pondecommunitys

Wildly Crafty
Knitting, cross stitch, books and social commentary.

Hello - it's me again - let's hope it works this time!

super eggplant
Personal blog about knitting, sewing, baking, and other ramblings and exploits

Neophyte Knitter
The adventures of single, professional 20-something knitter in Los Angeles.

J Strizzy
Anything I care to write about: knitting past present and future, crazy California politics and other stuff going on in the great wide world, what I'm reading, recipes I want to make but don't have time ...

Silvia's Knitblog

Fillyjonk's Progress
The site of a knitting biology professor. Discussion of what I'm doing on my too-many hobbies. Links to knitting stuff, teaching stuff, and weird stuff.

Wendy's Knitting
Photos and information about my knitting projects.

Stitching for Sanity
Knitting and other oddities as I see fit.

The life of the fiber addicted.

Show and tell about my spinning and knitting projects.

Action Hero::Knitting Weblog
A place to share my latest knitting, sewing, and craft projects, as well as daily musings on whatever.

Mommio Knits!
Writings and ramblings on knitting, art, creativity, and being a mom.

Step Into My Thimble
Yet another web site of a cat-owning librarian-knitter. But mine's a little funnier.

Someone Keeps Moving My Chair
A blogtastic view of my world{;}Musings on my knitting obsession and life in Los Angeles

knitting and other stuff
random musings about knitting and whatever by a graphic designer with too much time on her hands

When Knitting Was a Manly Art
The occasional ramblings of a male knitter

So much fiber, so little time
A log of my fiber projects, both finished and in progress.