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Read about my daily adventures in knitting, designing patterns and general yapping about life.

Knitting and Diving and anything else my little heart desires...

Tania Knits Too
My knitting, my life. Adventures of a retired Navy lady enjoying the good life in California.

Stitches of Violet
Marguerite in SW Michigan's knitting blog with personal posts on family, dogs, weather, and nature.

Day to day (okay, more like several days to several days) of a girl who is a wife, graduate student, sometimes photographer, and knitter.

Happy Good Luck
It's just the normal noises in here.

Me, Myself and Milotis78
I write about knitting, life and sometimes I ramble on about nothing at all.

Slightly Obsessed

Knit, Stitch, Click
a blog about knitting with occasional detours into sewing and photography

shelby knits
Notes on learning to love knitting through books, trial, and error. Mostly error.

Knittin' Honey
My knitting, my life in the middle - just a whole bunch 'o knittin', honey!

About knitting (and various other fiber arts and crafty stuff), as well as day-to-day life, travel, and whatever else I feel like talking about.

Follow my freestyle adventures in knitting and spinning!

Plain Jane Knits Up A Storm
While growing up, I used to HATE the term "Plain Jane", but when it comes to knitting & crocheting, I've realized that I really *am* a Plain Jane in that I don't use fancy yarns.

Random Fiber Ramblings
A blog of my knitting life, with a little extra thrown in once in a while

Be Inspired
Jonelle is an avid fiber artist and knitter who share insight into projects shes working on and knitting from her vantage point in the yarn industry.

Enchanting Juno
Knitting. Possibility. The thing with feathers.

Knitting on Impulse
The adventures of a woman happily addicted to fibre and anything else that can be persuaded to behave as such, with small asides on life, the universe and everything.

Faery Crafty
Yarn, Life, and Faerydust...

Well-tempered knitter
A pianist's blog about knitting, love, and life. But mostly about knitting.

knitting, knitting, ranting, knitting, and the occasional haiku

One Girl Show
A blog in which I rant about many things, including my knitting.

Frog Is A Four Letter Word
A blog about altecommunity patterns, substituting yarn and yes, sometimes even frogging.

I'm a Purse Ho

Knitting Libran
The knitting, spinning, and cooking ramblings of a Libran. Whatever shall I do first?

Hello Yarn
City girl knits, spins yarn, and cooks yummy food. Come see my free knitting patterns and meet Captain Shambles Underpants, the world's most comfortable dog.

Hot Cakes
The adventures of a knitting scientist.

Frogginette Makes Things
The creative ventures and musings of an L.A. froggie

Nadia's Crafting Adventures
I'm a 21-year-old UBC student living in Vancouver, BC, Canada, who likes to knit, crochet, sew, cross stitch, embroider and more!

Six Skeins Under
My musings on my knitting addiction, with some crochet thrown in for good measure.

A knitblog with an addition of the eye of data, perhaps science, to what we knitters do

It is Rocket Science!
I'm a rocket scientist and I knit-is there a connection?

Knitting, reading, and life

There ain't no bones in ice cream.

Life and the love of my life: knitting!

One Small Stitch for Mankind
Yet another knitting blog!

Knitter Navy Wife
I am a Navy Wife of 14 years and a knitter of 2 years. I've lived in Tennessee, Virginia, California and Rhode Island. Originally, I grew up in Massachusetts. I've knitted way too many scarves, 4 pairs ...

Knit stricken!
About my knitting and sometimes other things that occupy my mind.

Holey Moley! Knitting and Life.......
An online life/knitting journal. But - it's mostly about the knitting :)!

All it took was just one stitch
Starting at the start, a blog about knitting from the very first stitches of a newbie knitter in Queensland, Australia!

The Purloined Letter
Quoth the Maven, "Knit some more!"

A "young" nana knits and sews as a means of coping with autoimmune and other health issues.

The experiences of a knitter, librarian, graduate student and stay-at-home mom.

Mostly about knitting and a little about life.

Irish Clover Knits
A commentary on life and knitting.

Skein Street
You can sum it up as life, knitting and the pursuit of fiber.

a blog about my favorite hobby!

Sew Fasciknitting
I'm a person who loves to knit and is learning to sew.

whispecommunity pine
a knitter's journal

Zigzag Stitch