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Click Member link to see site in tvShe's Foxy and Crafty
Steph knits, crochets, quilts and does other stuff too.

Silly Happy Sweet
I heart knitting.

Westerly Whimsies
A personal blog about knitting triumps and disappointments, and all other things crafty.

a blog discussing the chaos of creativity; including Joni Mitchell, knitting and painting clouds ...

Tuscany PNW
A blog by a guy who knits and lives in Seattle, among other things.

Scarf It Up!
Fiber Art Originals

Lace and Dishcloths
Mainly knitting or crocheting, but every now and then you might find something else, like sewing or some self-made cards.

Vicki's Studio
I love to knit lace and socks with my handspun yarns.

Spacejunk's Things and Stuff
Random ramblings about my crafty creations and my various obsessions that fill my days with zany goodness. Keeping track of my knttting and crochet projects and other crafty capers.

Knit and Spin with Susan
Fiber, fun and family!

Fyrewitch's Knitting Blog
A record of my projects

Her Magic Box
Simple basic knitting blogging from a girl who just started her knitting career.

Her Majesty Knits
hand knitting pattern design

Annlee knits
I knit, I crochet, I am!

Little Gems
I Knit, Sew,Crochet, Grow my own, Recycle, Re-use. Love vintage and my camera! My site started off for me to journal my progress on my allotment - Now i keep track of all my crafty projects there too ...

Yummystitch: Delicious Knitting for Everyone

I'm knitting sweaters for my geckos
A blog about knitting, animals and life.

the Jewell's Handmades
Visit the Jewell's Handmades to read about our newest hand-dyed sock yarns and knitted sock patterns!

Where late night knitting (and blather) finds its niche

Just a blog for my ramblings about knitting and recovery

Knitting with a Poodle
Montreal artist lives with a standard poodle. We both love fibre arts. He even helps out with the knitting. Canadian Artist and Black standard poodle. Music too.

Like I Need Another Project
One woman's adventures with yarn, fabric and needles

Fat Hippy
Novice knitter on the path to greatness. Unfortunately, it's filled with potholes.


Paris knit
PARIS KNIT - Crafts, travels, and other stuff...

The Defiant Knitter
A blog for beginning knitters by a beginning knitter.

Knitting, eating and napping.

Amerikiwi Mom
Thoughts on Family Life, homeschooling, gardening and knitting in New Zealand

The Sweet Life Knits
The knitting journal of a fledgling designer, and new mother.


Laughing Yaffle
Girl gets busy with yarn, needles and a big spinny wheel thing. But not all at once.

Life at the Fiber Farm
A look behind the scenes at what goes on at a small farm specializing in handpainted yarn.

I travel, I knit... this is where I try to do both.

Stcommunitys of Purls
A knitting blog, among other things...

I’m Kaitlin. I am obsessed with yarn, knitting, spinning, art and discovecommunity new music to listen to. I have unnatural fears of deli meats and answecommunity the door. I live in the wilds of north-east ...

Pointless Nostalgic
a blog about life, knitting, and my Etsy shop


The Avid Knitter
A blog dedicated to the knitters world. This blog is continually constructed and updated in order to gather and re-disperse information about the history, and evolution of the craft of knitting. My goal ...

Crafty Nerd
Here you'll find my crafty adventures. Knitting, crochet, sewing, quilting, paper crafts... I'll try anything once; twice if I like it!

kim tori knits
I'm a medical student in Australia. I like to knit.

Sex and the Knitty
How one woman adjusts to staying at home, parenting two crazy boys, and learning to be crafty...all while addictively watching the complete box set of Sex and the City again and again ahahahahahnd aga ...

Winding Yarn
Notes from the Knitting Basket by Strands of Pearls

TheTwisted Purl
All about our fiber family and the twisted tales we endure.

Domestic Blissless
Domesticated, me? Hah! I wish! This blog is to cite the domestic achievements I make, however rare, including baking, knitting and wedding planning!

Daisy Crafts a LOT of crap
A blog to document my crafting adventures. The main craft is knitting, but the blog also will show scrapbooking, beading, and some cooking.

the notright writer
site by a woman who is a mother, writer, and knitter among other things, and is not really good at any of it

Littlest Birds
A blog about knitting, sculpting, and living on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Blog of a new-college-grad knitter, interspersed with pictures and some humor.

Lilibeth's Garden
A knitting addict’s adventures in felted bag making, cardigans, and other such wooly things…

Aspire To Knit
I'll talk about just about anything, but mostly I want to talk about wool. Is that wrong?