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Click Member link to see site in tvLa Matassa Ultravioletta
The Utraviolet Hank All the shades that wool can get, and more

... where I blather about the important things in life - like knitting, fantasy books, games ...

See Jenn Knit
Adventures of an adventurous beginner. Also known as, "Watch me make mistakes and occasionally knit something wonderful."

The Yarnability
A baby boomer talks about knitting, gardening, family and bichon frize, and anything else we baby boomers face

Addicted to Knitting
Ramblings about knitting, yarn and the "unevents" of a knitter's life.

My Life
A blog about my knitting and life in New Mexico.

Bitten by Knittin
I mostly knit, starting with optimism, whining through mistakes, puffing with pride over the finished object (sometimes simply because it is finished!) I also carry on about yarn, yarn stores, yarn festivals, ...

Obsessed With Knitting
a knitting journal


Two August Girls
A blog about my current knitting projects and my my struggles with knitting. Links to stitches, knitting sites and other knitting blogs

The Knitaholic
I knit, read, write and share a house with two cats (Smudgey and Snoopy) and my husband.

More than One Way to Knit a Hat
Experiments in Knitting

You Just Gotta Keep Knittin'
After much hesitation (...does the world really need another knitting blog?!), I started this blog to both share my knitting projects and to communicate with friends & family.

Psammeadred's blog

Ravelings from Bea
I go on and on (and on) about yarn, knitting, crocheting and my life (and not necessarily in that order)

Watch a math girl as she knits obsessively and obsesses about fit and structure. Knitting for a curvy lady.

The knitting blog of a yogi.

Knitting Blogs
A craftista creates.

from between the needles

Soulful Hues Knits
A knitting blog to promote the use of recycled yarn, with regular free patterns and how to's.

See Sophie knit
This my site about mostly knitting and what's happen in my life here in Quebec. I talk about movies, knit books, etc. Frogging, new patterns, new techniques i've learn, I can say I'm a knitting addict ...

Yarn Mafia
Yarn Mafia is a knitting blog where two best friends (who are also family) talk about knitting and other crafts, and we sometimes have tutorials and free patterns. Every day the blog post title is something ...

Kitty Knits!

Is it Time to Knit Yet?
Just another knitter who can never find enough time.

The Loopy Life
The Loopy Life: wherein I attempt to knit, read, and live a normal life with two kids ... and then blog about it.

Dye Goblins Lurk Here!
I blog about anything knitting, spinning, dyeing, fiber artsy, and life in general.

On my blog I write about my handknitting and my dogs, sometimes show pics out of my life

Deborah blogs about knitting, housekeeping, and whatever else seems important at the time. Free patterns from time to time.

Knitting Student

Parallax Knitting
My site includes my blog and my original designs. I try to approach knitting from a different point of view.

Yarny Days
About knitting, crochet, sewing, embroidery, cross stitch...and all other things crafty!

Personal knitting site - what I knit and why, with a few other bits for good measure.

Knitting Minnesota
A fun knitting blog, with lots of pictures, about my adventures with yarn.

knitting by bicycle.
A girl, her 4 bicycles, and some knitting needles, in Philadelphia. She can\'t stop talking about these things, either.

The Passionate Mind
The Passionate Mind: Functioning despite a dispassionate world. This is where I share my knitting and other related crafts, and my thought on the same.

A blog that describes my adventure in knitting, spinning and dyeing.

The Yarn Princess

Inspired Procrastination
Knitting and living and procrastinating.

Inspired Living
I am a knitting designer who likes to take photos and write about what inspires me...

Jill's Chat
Living in Minnesota with 2 cats, lots of yarn, and 40 years of knitting experience. The good, the bad, and the why in the world did I make that!

The Running Yarn
Blog of a vegan knitter who isn't afraid to use acrylic!... The soft kind, none of that supersaver crap. Aspicommunity designer who loves to practice with other people's patterns :) She cooks, she knits, ...

This blog hosts my knitting adventures interspersed with my daily life.

A knitting blog with current projects, past projects and hopefully more free patterns.

Lis Crafts
Armed and dangerous with hooks and needles.

Mrs. Fairfax Knits
A New York City knitter tries to indulge cashmere tastes on a Red Heart budget.

my musings about life with fiber and three kids.

Mona Makes (It, Obsessively)
Mona talks about her new addiction to knitting. But it's not like it's crack. It's a healthy-ish addiction.

Robin's Yarns
My blog is about my ongoing knitting projects, my interactions with other folks in my knitting community and a bit of humor. I also dye.

Knit Jane Knit
I'm a thirty-something former high school science teacher now stay at home mom who has been knitting for nearly ten years. I spin and garden too.

Postcards From Pemberly