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Click Member link to see site in tvCrafty Girl
I'm a new mom knitting, brewing, gardening and trying to get in shape. I talk about it all on my blog.

Morgiana's Manifesto
A world from the point of view of red-haired girl, who knits for sanity

Confessions of a Clumsy Knitter
The fabulous (mis)adventures of one knitter and her yarn!

Q & K! Quilting & Knitting
Blog about my knitting and quilting crafts and life in general....

My Little Needle
A knitting blog containing project updates, patterns, and musings.

Two Needles Two Wheels

Confessions of a Serial Knitter
This blog is mainly about my adventures with knitting, but you may also find other bits of information that help you get to know me.

Viva Scrapper!
Just a hot rod girl that knits way too much and has an obsessiong with hand knit socks and unusual knitted objects.

Hoc Age
Hoc Age is latin for "apply yourself to what you are about." For me that is knitting and spinning and ...

A Piper Knits
I am a knitter who has a wide range of interests outside the world of stitches. I play the bagpipes in a competition pipe and drum corp. I always have a book or two in progress. Butterflies, birds, and ...

I like to knit, read and cook and take pictures of it.

A place to share my hand-crafted items, poetry, and thoughts on life.

A collection of random thoughts on knitting, teaching,dieting, spirituality, just about anything that occurs to me

Adventures of a Girl who purls
Adventures in knitting

Tripping Yarns
Chronicling a new knitter's expedition into the world of fibre arts and what this means to the rest of her disorganized life.

A blog detailing the life through a girl and her sticks. Includes articles, as well as knitting and freeform communal and lone art installments.

Put That On Your Needles And Knit It!

the chemgrrl chronicles
yarn and sticks, flowers and dirt, and some inorganic synthesis thrown in for good measure

Knit in Peace
Offers reflections on the art of knitting, tips, ideas, knitting for charity, and personal experiences with yarns & tools.

Pretty in Purple
Mainly a knitting blog, with a couple of bits and pieces that may crop up from time to time.

Still Life with Yarn
A blog in which is chronicle my knitting, my reading, and my life as a mom.

Fiber Star
Confessions of a mother who plays with her family, yarn, needles, hooks, books, and dirt.

TiNKer Belle
Observations of an animal-loving, wool-gathecommunity single mom --


Law and Garter

A Fluther of Knitting
I discuss current projects, personal stuff (family and friends) and offer tips and techniques help.

Bygone Knits
A blog devoted to the art of knitting vintage fashions, vintage yarns, and related topics.

In which I babble about knitting, color, and color knitting

From Boston to Algiers
knitting and living

Covered With Love
One knitters unending quest to cover the world with knitted love.

Yarning to Write
I talk about knitting, teaching, motherhood, and writing...all at the same time, mostly. I am occassionaly profane (okay, I got rated NC-17 this morning, but that's because I keep talking about 'yarn porn') ...

Knotty Lady
A knitting blog with a love for the show Pushing Daisies.

LightsOutDesigns - a girl learning to knit
A girls adventures with learning to knit with a little of her sewing on the side

Yet Another Knitting Blog
My blog follows my foray into the knitting world while trying to balance the evils of law school.

Knit Wiz
Knitting to keep my sanity.

Yarn Hall
A blog on my musings of yarn, knitting, crocheting, music, my cats, family, and the many odd things that I witness in life.

Three Fates Fibers
This is where I ramble on about my knitting and spinning along with the related aspects of my life. With any luck I'll start getting some FOs posted, instead of stockpiling the WsIP!

Knitting Up North
Ramblings of a Northern knitter

Fast Cars, Fine Wine and Knitting
Three passions, not necessarily in any order.

Pink Lady Knits
A site about knitting, mainly socks, but a little lace as well. I love new types of yarn, learning fun techniques and stretching myself just a little farther than I should...

My Hidden Stash
My ramblings about all things fibre and my occasional wandecommunitys to aquire more fibre and to meet like and unlike minded people.

Knitting in Chicago
I taught myself how to knit in November of 2006 and just haven't stopped. This blog keeps track of all my projects, ongoing and upcoming, and trial and error with new yarn and patterns.

Knitting Contessa
a 50 something knitter who isn't afraid to take a risk, believe in magic, and live a life of peace and contentment. She knits in St. Louis MO and is the Creative Director of a Photography Studio.

Knitting Is My Free Therapy
A blog about my addiction to yarn and knitting.

Spinning Ninny
A blog dedicated to my crafty endeavors - spinning, knitting and otherwise, and punctuated with sarcasm, rugby, books, and road trips.

Knitting Out Loud
A whole lot of UFOs :D

Brenda's Stuff
My blog is mostly about fiber, whether it is yarn or dyeing the yarn, or spinning. I do knit, and usually have 2 or 3 projects going at once. I also sew and occasionally weave, which may come up now ...

Trish Knits.com
Trish's adventures in knitting, including project progress, resources, product reviews, tips and links

Just blabbing about my addiction to knitting and possibly some other stuff too. :)

Sock Odyssey
Mostly focused on sock knitting, but we also talk about our other projects and welcome any knit speak!