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Click Member link to see site in tvKnitting Grobanite
Im just a girl who likes to knit and craft and try new things and share them with friends and family oh and also like listening to josh groban while I knit

Ewe Wish
A slice of absurdity.

Yarn-Over, Ligature… Same difference…
knitting blog intended to share my learning experiences (in terms of knitting)

Knitting, spinning, bragging about my adorable son and probably some random thoughts

Dreem Knits
A single mother of 2 girls, trying to make it on her own. My lifes antics and whatnots.

Yes! Suna Knits!
Suna, who's knitted since she was 8 and teaches at an LYS on her days off from her "real" job, chronicles her current knitting projects and their ups and downs. She also highlights past projects--what ...

Confessions of a Sociopathic Knitter
Crafty Goodness. Or rather mostly knitting goodness!

From the Sublime to the Ridiculous
me, my family, and my knitting

Wild ravings of a middle-aged, lawyer, mother and grandmother, who lives somewhere in the middle of the U.S. Atlantic coast, who loves to sing, knit and debate theology.

Tammy Knits
Knitting in a houseful of homeschooled, sports-crazed boys. Life, knitting goodness, and fiber love.

A knitting website in which I am constantly battling myself over what to knit first. Then again, what knitter doesn't have that battle? The bigger question is... how am I going to fit all of this yarn ...

Hapagirl Knits
A mixed plate of knitting, teaching, and life in general.

Chronicles of the Lazy Knitter
I have been a knitter for 20+ years and have just recently learned to spin. It's been amazing knitting with my own handspun although I have a sizeable commercial stash too!

Catheaven's Hobby Corner
To share my love for all my crafts. I mainly concentrate on my knitting but I also have my crocheting and papercrafting crafts on there also.

Stripy sock mad
My knitting blog, centred around socks and other things knitted!

KnitWit Central
This is my journal of adventures into fiber arts, most notably knitting and yarn dyeing. If you would like to visit my yarn shop, you can find it at www.thankewe.etsy.com. Glad you stopped by.

My site chronicles the members of stitch and chat a Fairfield County, CT based group of knitters. I also include current knitting/fiber realted information on books events and local stores.

Jessie Knits...
knitting and musings on my life...and life in general.


If I'm sittin', I'm Knittin'...

Under a Fairy Moon
This is where I generally talk to myself and a few good friends about my life, which is mostly all about my knitting and my family (pets included). Knitting has become a passion for me this last year, ...

kittything is a working artist with a serious thing for knitting and crocheting... because yarn is cheaper than therapy.

Cassia's Knitting Fingers
A place where I talk about my knitting.

Half-Assed Knit Blog
In which a very lazy person attempts to keep up a knitting blog. Nothing could possibly go wrong!

The Holistic Knitter's Blog
The Holistic Knitter's blog: knitting, WIPs, FOs, book reviews, musings on life in Wales, etc...

She Plays With Stcommunity
A blog about life in the burbs, knitting, and other fun stuff with stcommunity.

Mrs. Swizzlesticks Knits
American expat living in Holland who knits, a LOT!

Just the everyday life of a knitter in central Florida.

Logan's Anchor
Some yarn, some charcoal, my lovely stuffed animals, general student bitching, and lots and lots of bees.

3 sleeves to the wind
The story of my fascination with knitting, and how it changed my life.

Monkey Business
A blog about my (mis)adventures as a knitting, reading graduate student...

Alice Jean
A blog about knitting, dyeing and other subjects.

Variegated Knits
A blog dedicated to knitting with mostly variegated yarns, and the ocassional random thought about life.

Hip Chick Knits
Where I blog about knitting, my life, and other stuff.

I make things, take pictures of things and blog about it. It's a simple plan. It usually works

The brown cheese chronicles
Blog about what I get up to while living in Norway - with a bias towards knitting and sewing

Knit1, Tape2
the life of a crafty athletic trainer

the RhythmMeow makes
i take photos. i knit. i take photos of my knitting. i love cats and working with my hands. this is where i write about it.

The Misadventures Of The Accidental Knitter
After years of refusing to learn how to knit, I finally did, and became OBSESSED. This blog chronicles my journey to knitting nirvana.

Tha Shizknit
The adventures of a naughty knitting librarian-in-training.

Peaceful Easy Knitting

Balkan Style
We're just two friends living hundreds of miles apart who love to craft and inspire. We're intermediate knitters, but also love our recently acquired sewing machines! If we can do it, anyone can. And ...

I'm busy knitting
thoughts about my knitting obsession, my 2nd grade class, my pets, and the rest of my ordinary life

The Knitting Cube
Having a place to hide the stash is one of the talents of a good knitter. Its the one safe place to hide your stash.

C in DC
I'm a 25-year-old knitter, painter, crafter, engineer, part-time student, baker, decorator, and amateur cook living in Washington DC with my girlfriend and two cats.

Things Soo Likes

An ongoing diary of my life as a knitter and general lover of making things.

My blog where I talk about my knitting projects.

Lazy Sock Monkey
My personal blog about knitting

A personal blog of a solitary knitter as she tries to teach herself how to knit using only books and the internet.