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Click Member link to see site in tvTabitha Knits
My knitting journey with a few other random thoughts from time to time.

Knitastic Knits

Numbskull Pulp
I am a post-college student going into veterinary medicine and always trying to make time for knitting!

5penny chews the cud
Stories from my ex-pat life in Hungary. Lots of knitting,lots of searching for decent fiber.

knit 'n' purl
This is my personal knitting/crocheting blog :)

Melissa Van Oort
A knitting blog of finished objects, works in progress, details, triumphs and mishaps. I like to include links to resources, help, stores, patterns and blogs that I find helpful. My blog is my best knitting ...

Mana Loom
This is what happens when you mix knitting and warcraft...

Art is the Handmaid of Human Good
I knit, I read and I take pictures. Then I write about it.

Knitting lace, jewelry, cables and other fun things!

Documenting my descent into knitting obsession

Lost Stitch
Giving ideas, showing finished projects, ideas of knitting, crocheting and decorating.

The Adventures of Cassie
My random ramblings about knitting, spinning, art, crafts, and life in general.

Confessions of a Yarn Jezebel

Wool Enough, and Time
A journal of my fiber adventures -- knitting, spinning, and dyeing.

Happily knitting away in NJ with my 3 kitties, DH, and brand new daughter!

Shut Up, I'm Counting
The obligatory knitting blog, comin' at ya from the Appalachian Mountains. (And please prounounce that correctly.)

The Happy College Knitter
Knitting + school + occasional sneakiness... No wonder I'm happy!

strange yarns ;; skull charms

A Verb for Keeping Warm
Spinning, Dyeing, Knitting, and Ethnographic Textile Explorations

The Things I Love To Do

Yea, I Knit
Yet another knitting blog by yet another addicted knitter

Blooming Knitter
My adventures of knitting.

Fil a Suivre
musings on my knitting, the history of knitting and other textile crafts.

I'm a graphic designer and a relatively new knitter (started 18 months ago) who likes to challenge herself with new projects. I update almost daily, and I'm trying to figure out a more efficient way to ...

Purls Off a Stcommunity
Squeezing 18 hours of knitting, spinning, and wool sniffing into 4 hours a day. And then writing about it.

Knitting, libraries, parenting and cats, oh my!

Mrs Petersson Knits
Swedish/Icelandic knitter who writes about tradional techniques and new projects.

Royal Knitting
Ruminations on knitting, reading, and occasionally life in general.

Knitting Noodles
My daily goings on with knitting, gardening, and life in general

Tar Heel Knitting
Musings about knitting, literature and yoga with some random stuff thrown in

Brit Knitter
Little of this and that about knitting, dogs, etc.

Knitstant Gratification
The knitting life of a funky, city-loving graduate student.

Emily in France
My adventures and experiences (and other random junk) as an American expat living in the French Alps.

Jendogger the Knitblogger
Knitting blog, of course!

I talk about my knitting, knitting related items and my cats.

Stcommunity Theories
I'm just another handknitting, handweaving, dyeing, spinning hippie chick trying to achieve serenity through yarn.

Because life isn\\\'t all about knitting.

Birdy's Knits the BLOG
Birdy's Knits, the blog is where I wax poetic about my knitting, my yarn and rant about my lack of knitterly direction. Cats may or may not be mentioned--as they ignore my yarn

Trampled by Geese
Trampled by Geese, a blog about knitting, spinning, philosophy, gardening and one girl’s attempt to make her way in this world. Feel free to have a look around, there are lots of exciting updates these ...

Lucky Find Gazette
lucky find gazette: inspicommunity vintage crafts. fabulous thrift store scores. mysterious old artifacts. cute pet tricks. your daily glimpse of odd ephemera and unusually interesting doodads. true stories ...

Bea Blacksheep
Knitting blog featucommunity my knitting, sewing and other crafting and occasionally my dogs and cats.

The Knifty Knitter
A knitting blog were I talk about all my projects, problems, and successes.

Two friends, separated by distance, support each other in their yarn addiction.

teeweewonders about knitting, crafting, life and more

Susan Knits in Bayou City
Adventures of a working mom of three who knits whenever she can and dreams of finished objects that can actually be worn in Houston's climate!

Athena with questionable prospects and knitting needles.

Knit Europe
"I knit in Europe and all I got were these knitting bags." Oh, and yarn.

Two Crazy Knit Chicks
Two great friends that work together, and would rather knit and surf the web all day. Neither has enough time for a blog by themselves, so we joined forces.

I'm slowly learning to knit and talking about that journey every step of the way.

Knitting Knerdspace
Adventures in Knitting and Spinning