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Click Member link to see site in tvNannybird Knits
I like to do a lot of crafts, but knitting is my favorite. I talk about what I have made in the past and what I plan to make in the future.

On The Needles
Some of my knitting projects.

Itchy Fingers
I am an artist of many crafts. Currently I find the most time for knitting. I also sew a bit and do abstract watercolor painting and collage.

Purly Grrrl
Knitting my way out of postmodern angst one stitch at a time...

stitches and needles - the tale of one nurse and her knitting addiction
the day to day life of a student psychiatric nurse who's also addicted to knitting.

Knitting Interrupted
wherein a knitter blogs about knitting, inter alia

Ramblings of a Knitting Obsessive
In which Mary talks about knitting, life, knitting, music, and did I mention knitting?

Hungry Knitter

On the Sticks, In the Sticks
This is a blog of my knitting adventures, along with homeschooling and life in general.

Knitting and other thoughts.

Message in a Bottle
I'm a full-time student, I knit, read, walk, hang out with my cats, and I'm living on an island. I probably spend way too much time in my own head. So I started this blog, just sending out random thoughts ...

A place where I share my knitting.

Brisbane, Australia - SnB
We are a collection of people living in and/or visiting Brisbane who get together to knit, crochet & craft

Newbie Knitter

Natalie Knits
My adventures with knitting and life!

Martini Knitter

Not Another Knitblog!
Not Another Knitblog! is unfortunately just that: a blog about knitting, with some spinning too!

One More Round
Knitting & Stuff

Life and Knitting
My adventures with knitting while chasing two active little boys.

Deep Space Knit
A blog that mixes one odd theatrical props master and her ongoing mission to explore strange new knits, seek out new yarn and new patternizations, to boldly go where no knitter has gone before.

Here Be Knitting
An Aussie blogging about her knitting triumphs and mistakes and our attempts to move ourselves onto our beautiful 200 acres of bush

The Digital Knitter
Just another blog about knitting, fractals, military aircraft, and quotidian life.

a bit about knitting... and my life

A place for me to chronicle all things hand-knit by me.


Knit Whit
A mostly knitting blog with a few other hobbies thrown in.

A blog about knitting, life and cats from an american living in Hamburg, Germany.

herzeleid knits
A blog about my knitting and yarn obsession with some cat stuff thrown in.

Stitches and Stories
A place to hang out and talk about knitting, a little about book collecting, cross-stitching and my dogs.

Bonsol Enterprises
site about knitting, my family stuff, my garden, cats, kids, etc.

Scarf It Up!
A blog for knitters and other fiber artists who like to "scarf it up!"

Just Knitting Along
A knitting blog about projects that are being worked on...

The Knitting Galaxy
The adventures of a Las Vegas Knitter.

wonderful = Knitting and the Quest for Joy. :)

Knit Playground
I\'ve been told one too many times to grow up. And when I don\'t feel l ike growing up, I go to my \"happy place\"...and there\'s yarn there.

Tante J's Adventures in Knitting
my ongoing knitting projects and what i am learning in the process, a little about my life or thoughts on life itself

GentleSunset.com - UnusuallyHeather's Knit Addiction
Blogging and knitting my way. Includes my own designs, WIPs, and my recent sock-knitting addiction.

metal and knit
Im a metal head from down under who knits constantly and alway takes the knitting with me.

The Pink Sheep
where I baa on about knitting

Tales of a KnittyFay
I'm 22 years old trying to make my way through college with the love and support of my fiancee (he gets mentioned from time to time). I've recentally picked up knitting and love every minuet of it. This ...

The morning Cup of Knit and Purl
The bold attempts of an amateur knitter- she knits (and purls), where every knitter has gone before!

Knit with Snot for You
Knit with Snot for You, sort of like knit with love, but since I have the three boys, I have as much snot as love on anything that I knit. Really makes you want a hand knit hat now doesn't it?

Herp N Knit
In this blog I combine talk of my two favorite things, knitting and scaly animals.

Knitted Gems Designs & Crafts
I started this blog to rant and rave about my daily knitting adventures. I also feature my knitting patterns, some completed, some still on the needles, and some never to be started.

Finger's Fancy - a Craft Blog
A knitting and crochet blog.

Knitting in the Shadows
Discussions of knitting and life and the surprises and delights of parenthood. Very little whining

A Tisket, A Tasket, An Overflowing Yarn Basket
This is a blog about knitting, crocheting, and working in a yarn shop

Sherri Knits
My journey in the knitting world, the frogging and the tinking...but enjoying the journey just the same! I've learned so much along the way!

Kara Knits and Frogs
Knitter living in Greenwood, Indiana.

Making It Up As I Go
yet another knitting blog. woo-hoo.