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Click Member link to see site in tvSome Call Them Sticks and Stcommunity... I Call Them Sanity
A blog about Knitting. Always changing and improving; talking about technique, the latest patterns & yarns, book and magazine reviews, and more!

Run, Bike, Knit
Physical activity has become a priority in my life, but I still have a place in my heart for knitting and crocheting.

Knitting blog in which I mostly talk about knitting, but my other hobbies (motorcycles, dogs, quilting) get woven in!

YarnGear: A Blog of my Knitting and Crochet Adventures

A blog with lots of chat, lots of pics and LOTS of knitting (and my sweet kitty Pumpkin too!)

Knitter in Progress
My journey from novice to ?

Professor Knitwit
Read about a young professor navigating the world of academia and knitting

The Purly Gates
Knitting and other Crafty Stuff..from San Francisco, CA


Knot Again
My adventures in knitting, crochet and whatever else strikes my fancy.

Penny Lane
My personal blog, mainly about my knitting, with a little family, friends, and quilting thrown in.

Wool & Words
Drop in for pics and comments on my ongoing projects. Leave a comment if you so desire!

Tactless Wonder
Blogging about life in Tahoe, knitting, reading, movies I watch, etc.

Knitting News @ Craftgossip.com
All the latest knitting news including product reviews, free patterns, chat's about books and so much more.

Knit Along the Way
The knitting adventures and (semi)daily rambling of a college student.

Knitwhitties: A Little Knitting Nothing
A new knitter's adventures with yarn, needles and patterns

spinningwheel.net : : true confessions of a fiber addict
Detailing the fiber adventures of Terri Shea; designer, mother, and erstwhile artiste. Mostly fiber stuff, ocassional posts about My Adorable Child to fend off the Grandmothers.

My Early Granny-Like Tendencies
Following my creative output n the form of yarn, fabric, or anythig else that inspires me.

harried mother of toddler tries to be a productive knitting

house arrest
sometimes funny. sometimes quirky. always honest.

Darkside of Knitting
My blog about my knitting in progress, just finished or about to just start and my other random thoughts.

Cj's Knitting Basket

ARTwin Knits

affiknitty is a blog in which I share my obsession/passion/love, knitting, as well as thoughts on life, politics, popular culture, shopping, etc.

Karen's Blog
Blog with knitting, spinning, weaving, and other crafts -- along with a slice of our home life in Minnesota.

Zeneedle...needleart as life
Blogging on knitting and needlework by an avid needleworker.

Sitting and Knitting and other interesting things in the San Francisco Bay Area

KNita KNittin'
Tales of a novice knitter gone nutty for knitting.


Lucky Penny's Workshop
The studio blog of Lucky Penny Handmade, home of dog sweaters of distinction.

Half Baked
Miscellaneous Musings about Life, the Universe and Everything!

Write (a blog)
Personal knitting blog

Bear Mountain Picnic
Knitting and spinning in Santa Cruz, California.

My name's Maya. I like yarn.

My blog is about my adventures with yarn and needles. I knit, quilt, and create what I can.

Nice Knits
A site about my knitting adventures...and some other stuff thrown in.

Westerly Whimsies
This is my personal knitting blog. I post about projects I'm starting/finishing etc.

Stcommunitys \'n Things
Knitting and other things that make up my life. Welcome to my world.

knitting, crocheting and a terrier too.

The Woolen Rabbit
This site is dedicated to my life here in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. I live here with my DH, 5 children, 15 Angora Rabbits and 6 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Come visit our little zoo in ...

Minxxys world
All about the life and loves of a vespa riding, skinhead, scooter knitter!!

Rosie Knits
A blog about knitting and yarn obsession and the Hubby that supports it (reluctantly).

Laura's Crafts
This is a digital scrapbook of my crafts. I often give away knitted/crocheted and quilted items so I wanted a place where I can describe each thing I make and describe the journey I had making them.

Crazy Laneas
My web log of knitting, quilting, spinning, sewing, picking, clogging, and pecking away at shiny objects.

Sheep in the City
Talk about knitting and life

Where champagne tastes meet a beer budget.

Katy Knits NYC
Knitting, theatre, NYC, and other random stuff going on in my life.

Marie Grace...Yarn Slayer
Knitting journeys and the occasional ramblings of a busy mom.

Knitting! More knitting! Why is knitting so addicting? I don't know, but I'm not complaining. Why are knitting blogs so much fun to read? I don't know that either, but as an avid blogger for the past 3 ...