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This is the blog of an obsessed knitter, who often knits instead of doing the things she should be doing.....

Tina\'s International House of Yarncakes
I talk an awful lot about knitting socks, but I do branch out, I swear!

Modest Purls
A place where I blog about my knitting adventures.

The journey of my knitting passion

Knit one, drop one, start again!
My name's Mandy and I'm a craftaholic! This blog will follow my knitting trials and tribulations, as well as my cross stitch and card making attempts.

Hannah Six is a fiber artist, poet, and visual artist living in the Washington, D.C.-metro area.

Little Stitches Knitting
30 Something Southern Gal and her adventures in knitting and dyeing yarn

Jo Knits & Stuff
Blog about knitting and family life

Spin Or Dye
Join me in explocommunity knitting, spinning and dyeing. Successes and failures, patterns and patter.

Lots of knitting, lots of crocheting and needlepoint. Lots of love and family things.

Exercise Before Knitting
I'm a graduate student and new mother who spends her free time knitting. I find that knitting is such a powerful addiction that its presence in my life must be tightly controlled. As a procrastinator, ...

Lick My Sticks
Just another 20-something knitter with an attitude. Home to the Bad Ass Knitters!

Shanny Knits!
I explore my knitting exploits here.

Brew Knits
A librarian's musings on knitting, spinning, & anything else that comes to mind.

drive-by thinking.
Random whizzdom doing the speed limit. I knit. I run after a toddler. I commute. In some cases, one might think I had altogether too much time on my hands.

On Pins & Needles

As I Knit, So Shall I Rip

A knitting blog where I explore learning and knitting socks, fair isle and more (crocheting, quilting and cooking).

Fuelled by Tea

Blogless MJ
knitting and life in Colorado

This is an ongoing diary of crafts I do, including knitting, sewing and crochet.


Mostly knitting. Life has a way of creeping in there, though.

Pierre The Yarn Snob
puppy, knitting, weaving, spinning - spot the problem child

The Fearless Knitter
I'm a travel writer by trade, and write cozies for fun (and profit??). But my passion is knitting. And chocolate. And apparently quilting. And feral blue dilute torties. But definitely knitting. Join me ...

A very eager knitter living in the south and trying to knit all the time.

A knitter in the prime of life who knits to network TV

Come in and take a peek at my knitting life!

Good Coffee, Puppies, and Knitting
Welcome to my world of drinking good coffee, loving puppies and the art of knitting.

Crossroad Knits
Three friends share their knitting adventures.

Domestic Disturbance Knits

for the love of the gauge
documenting my progress as an intermediate knitter and finished projects

Sous le soleil . . .

The Davin Show
A blog for the things and characters in my sitcom life. (mostly knitting things, and often knitting characters)

Knitting on the Rogue River
Life is about color and texture and the creative act.

A Kitten Knits
A blog for knitting content, and sometimes crochet, tatting or spinning as well, just to spice things up. Not too advanced but I like to have fun.

Heather Knits
My little corner of the blog-sphere. Knitting, video games, and everyday life...

Knitting the Cosmos Together

Yarn Thing

Pocahontas County Fare
Get to know Pocahontas County, West Virginia: Collect some empirical data, read a few books, organize the field notes. Repeat as necessary. Also, some notes on spinning, knitting, literature, Old-Time ...

foxy art studio
The ruminations of an artist on art & life...art quilts, beading, knitting, drawing, painting, printmaking, bookmaking are all my passions, I love to explore creating....

My knitting and life in general and especially holidays in France

Knitting in the Desert

Bipurler Disorder
Blig featucommunity knitting and commentary from Portland, OR knittiner, mom and yarn shop employee.

One Knutty Knitter
Random thoughts about knitting, beading, and family from an Iowa girl transplanted to the east coast of central Florida.

Kimberly's Korner
Knitting in VA

Yarny Old Kim
Knitting Blog and ramblings about misc. stuff

Up Late
I knit, and I love it! I am also looking at branching out a bit into spinning... I try to use pics, but you never know!

Vic's Knits

The Bag Lady and the Pro
A blog shared by sisters who blog from AK and GA and knit and share their projects. One lives in the Deep South; One the Far North...One is Single; One is Married with 3 Children...One is Youngest; ...