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Click Member link to see site in tvRamblings of a grandmother
Ramblings about knitting, beadcrochet, some other crafts, daily life and grandchildren

Linds' Life
Blog of an American knitter (& schoolteacher!) living in Canada.

A Tikkunknitter's Miscellany
Trying to knit together all the other things in this life.

Everything to do with crafts. In English and in Finnish. Do understand questions in French and Swedish as well. Knitting the main theme, but some crochet, weaving, bobbinlace and everything else as we ...

Knitting Fix
A mama of three the loves to knit!

. . . and another thing!

Let's Knit
I'm a first time blogger (since 12/07) and only blogs about knitting.

Something to Laugh About
knitting and laughing about it

*making it in the city*

Nana's Place
a blog of knitting,scrapping and cooking

Stylish Knits
Look into a life of a mother, knitwear designer, avid knitter. Find how-to advice , KNIT TIP of a DAY, patterns for kids and women; and much more.

My Overstuffed Room
My Overstuffed Room: Knitting. Spinning. Weaving. Sewing. What's going on in and out of my fiber studio and with my knitting friends.

mostly a knitting blog

My Knitting Life And Other Stories
A blog to show off knitted things that I have made and works in progress. There may also be stories what happening with family life and the fun of being a stay at home mum.

Suffragette Knitty

Four Friends and a Blog
The side roads can be bumpy but make life more interesting than the predictable highways. Four friends look at life from a different perspective, whether the subject is parenting, home learning, knitting, ...

Not Only A Mom
Blog of a Mom, a knitter, a crocheter, a seamstress, and woman just trying to stay sane. All me!

In the skein of things
My knitting with a little life thrown in.

Who Gives A Knit?
A beginning knitter and blogger looking for companionship from other knitter's and blogger's- Love me!

Kims Knits
I love to knit, come enjoy my insanity!

Jesh Knits
knitting talk from a college student (because that's rare, these days.)

Yarn Paper Scissors
The creative journey of two sisters who are passionate about the fiber arts

with a hook
yarn… thread… what more do I need?

Dropped a Stitch
My blog about knitting, with some free patterns available.

Knitting Mummys Everyday Life
I am a knitting mad mum of five.

Wolverine Librarian
Rants and musings of a Michagoose knitting librarian.

Knitting Knurse
a personal blog about my life and knitting.

A blog primarily discussing knitting, with other crafty endeavors tossed in as they come up.

Midnight Purls

Needles of Steel
The trials and tribulations of an engineer and part-time crafter in Rugby, UK

All Things Shea
This is the home for All Things Shea, whether it be family, craft, or hobby oriented.

(mis)Adventure's in...
motherhood, life, womanhood, and knitting

Knitting Bee

Surly Purler
I am a college student at Virginia Tech currently trying to become a yarn representative. I also work at a LYS. I talk about my trials, tribulations, and knitting triumphs!

Nearly daily posts about my new knitting habit, discussion of which projects to do along with bits about my cross stitch.

Ingrid Knits
Journey of a beginner knitter

Knitting Across The United States
This is a blog that I use to post the projects that I have knit and am knitting while traveling with my husband on our truck.

Abby's Knits
A California knitter who loves simple knits.

Somewhat Aloof
A written history of my adventures in knitting and other forms of craftiness. Of course, there will be non-crafty entries about my husband, clara-wrestler, clara-dog, and clara-bothers (the cats).

The Coconut Brigade
A blog on fiber arts like knitting, spinning, and sewing by a museum and living history fanatic.

My blog of never-ending knitting projects.

This is my blog dedicated to my knitting and crocheting! Please pull up a chair and join in on the fun!!


My blog, where I record thoughts and events relating to my work as a (knitting) teacher and my progress on my Masters degree in Crafts Education.

Golden Purl
A gem of a knitting blog!

Knitting Epiphany

Pocket Meadow Farm Fiber Arts
A blog about being a shepherd-artist-yarn shop owner and fiber maniac

saffron knits
Saffron's Knitting Blog

Morgana Knits and Tatas
This is my blog in English and Spanish, mainly about my knitting (also tatting and crochet) projects.

Knitting my way through four lifetimes of stashes - my own, my mother's, my grandmother's and my mother-in-law's.