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Click Member link to see site in tvA Happy Fuzzy Blog
The meaning of life is to seek happiness. Practice compassion toward all living things. Find peace. Knit more.

moirae knitting
my knitting life in the hands of the fates

Place knitting pun here
A knitter/crocheter/crafter in Kentucky. Plus cats. Many cats.

The adventures of the silver bullet
Things I have made. Things I have done. Random ramblings. And of course, the adventures of the silver bullet - my beloved bike.

Tangled Yarns of a Knotty Historian
Knitting is an important activity in the life of this young aspicommunity historian. Blogging about my knitting adventures (and misadventures) gives me opportunities to exercise my creativity, play with ...

Rain's Knit-Bits
My raves and rants about knitting =)

Good-Natured Ribbing
A website where various knitters go on about their knitting adventures.

Possessed to Knit
I am a knitter and a spinner with mutlitple projects going on at the same time. I like to write about my projects and special techniques that I have found to be useful in my craft work.

Purlewe Knits
A blog where I talk about my knitting, other's knitting, a little weaving and spinning, my family's art and the things going on around our house.

I Live on a Farm
I lived in Los Angeles most of my life but that changed drastically when I met someone online last January. By the end of April we were saying "I do" at a driveup window in Vegas before driving across ...

Dropped Stitches
A little site in which I talk about my knitting and my life.

A blog that was intended to be all knitting, but has evolved to include recipes and charity stuff (breast cancer fund raising)

The Quiet Knitter
Lace Knitting, Textured Knitting, Color Knitting, Sock Knitting, Knitting of all kinds.

A South Park Republican's Mental Meandecommunitys
I'm a knitting lawyer living in Connecticut with my husband, cat and dog.

Spinning a Yarn: Orchids Knit Spot
I talk about knitting, spinning, gardening and my animals on this blog

She's foxy and crafty
Crafty like a fox.

Still My Life, With Knitting
The musings of a middle aged woman on knitting, life, the universe and everything.

Knitting, blogging, cats

Sisyphus Knits
When the gods wanted to punish Sisyphus, they gave him a task that could never be completed. I am Sisyphus and I knit.

The Reluctant Penguin
Joyce's Knitting and Travel Blog - mostly about knitting with occasional excursions to interesting places

Journey of 1000 stitches
I am a stay at home mom of two wonderful daughters and a darling baby boy. I enjoy working on lots of crafts (that is when I get a chance between all the daily to-do's with the kids, around the house, ...

Blah blah blah

A male knitter talks about his work, life, family and mostly about knitting. The site is in both English and Espaņol.

Knit A Life

The Lone Knitter
A knitting blog in which I sometimes discuss the weather, literature, my impulses and wants, the occassional food craving, what I should be doing, and every once in a while, something that I've finished ...

It's MY World, Join Me Won't You?
A place where I talk about my life, the knitting, the scrapbooking, my family and anything else I feel like talking about

Bea Knits
Thoughts on knitting, spinning, cooking, and life from a 26 year old korean-american wife and soon to be mom living in the south.

cozy's place
My blog where I talk about knitting, writing & family (2-legs or 4-legs, take your pick)

Decidedly Hilltop
This blog is a celebration and source of inspiration for the girls who work and knit at Hilltop Yarn in Seattle. We post our current and finished projects, share our creative processes as we design new ...

(mis)Adventures of SpindleRose

3 Grrrls Knit
Where I talk about my knitting, sewing, spinning and life in the country.

lynne's fabulous knitting

A Blog about knitting and other musings

Some Knitting Required
Some Knitting Required refers to my yarn stash. However, as I continue to learn and grow along life's path, it could easily apply to me.

Twitchy Knitter
Me and my knitting...and some other stuff.

nuttinbutknittin - ok and sofee too
basically, i discuss my current knitting projects, with a splattecommunity of posts about Sofee, my 4.75 LB. pup.

fresh noodle
fresh: new, unseen, cutting edge noodle: one continuous piece of fiber, yarn

Gracie Knits

yarn for dinner
a site about knitting. and some other stuff.

Pat's Knitting and Quilitng
my ongoing adventures with fiber....

Ethical Thought
I have many interests that might guide me to start blogging but to be honest I do not know why I have. I think about knitting and the world of knitters. I spend time pondecommunity the World of Ethics ...

Green Moon Knits
Constant knitting commentary.

CraftyGryphon Knits
Daily posts, Monday through Friday, about knitting, starting new knitting projects, and the occasional finish, with lots of pictures of same.

a foggy place
a modest little knitting blog

Tales of an obsessed knitter who works at a yarn shop... sigh.

Knitting Through Life
Projects I'm knitting.

Rambling's of a Crafter

Merkin & Aglets
Blogging in a desperate attempt to get myself to finish something. Anything!

Knit 1 Pugs 2
Addicted Knitter who lives on Delaware River with her husband and 4 pugs.

KC Knits
My obligatory knitting blog, plus a few cute kid stories for the grandparents.