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Click Member link to see site in tvBegknitter's Knotty Mess
Surgical trainee and true begknitter waffles about learning to knit on call

A rambling place for a knitting teacher and fledgling designer.

Happy Handwork
An interacive diary of mostly knitting with a little quilting, sewing and cooking and gardening thrown in. Also shacommunity a bit of country life down on the farm!

My adventures in knitting with two little guys...

Wishing I was Knitting at the Lake
I'm a Bruinmom (a Hoosiermom and a Terriermom now, too) with a Wolverine heart! And a lot of yarn on the side

the true confessions of a wannabe yarn goddess
the occasional rants, raves and whatevs of a crafty slacker

Karinīs Chamber
almost everything you can do with yarns and fabrics

Home's Jewels
Daily knitting, crafting, mothecommunity escapades.

The Knittin' Coop
Where I discuss my love of knitting, spinning, and family with an occasional rant!

Texo Ergo Sum
\\\"I knit, therefore I am.\\\" With apologies to Descartes (and to Latin purists), this blog will be an account of my knitting and writing projects, with perhaps some occasional glimpses into the rest ...

Hooked On Knitting
A blog about knitting, crochet, and anything else that comes to mind!

a British blog combining knitting, knitting, knitting and knitting. (maybe a bit of work stuff too, ooh and the occasional rugby!?!)

I Forget What 8 was For.
Since my obsession with knitting touches all aspects of my life, I find it senseless to keep a separate blog just for my knitting. You can count on almost every post to have knitting content or a picture ...

Creative Overload
A veritable wonderland of my knitting adventures, with dashes of crochet and other art sprinkled in.

Steel City Knitter
I am a knitting and crochet instructor/designer from Pittsburgh. I could bore my friends for hours talking about it, so I blog instead. I keep more friends that way. Go wool!

LavenderSheep's Fiber Garden
My blog is about my knitting, dyeing, and spinning. I occasionally do other craft things, but for the most part it is about my knitting.

Knit it, Violet!
finished objects, works in progress, and lots of rambling about two sticks and some stcommunity.

Knitting Factor
The true adventures of a novice knitter.

Knitty Ripper
Read about my many knitting issues!

Elliphantom Knits
Frightening sheep everywhere since 2005.

Knitting Relaxes Me

Z Knits...and Sews
Knitting with a little bit of sewing here and there! :)

Lorelei's Mom Blogs

A House Made of Wool
Current thoughts of a knitter who has just bought a house

Hyperactive Hands
My own bit of artistic exhibitionism. Drawing, knitting, painting, photography and more.

Knitter Sue
I am a mum of 2 kids, who loves to knit a lot, and read lots of knitting books too.

Sugar Bunny Boulevard
The knitting life of a mother in Kansas.

The Whole Ball of Yarn(s)
A journal of the things I do; knitting, reading, writing, and cooking. Oh, and pictures of my cats.

Purl City
A knitting obsessive rambles on to all that will listen about knitting and knitting related activities.

Melissa's Adventures in Knitting
This site chronicles the adventures that I have had as a new knitter, mother of a two-year-old, wife, and owner of an adorable mini pin, Layla.

Rainy Day Knitter
I'm a knit-a-holic, self proclaimed closet stasher and mom living in the Pacific Northwest 'Behind the Redwood Curtain'. I spend my days avoiding house work and knitting socks for sale on my Legare Circular ...


Mom and 2 out of 3 daughters knit and tink...out loud. We're homeschoolers, too!

The Chickengoddess Knits
A knitting blog with the occasional cat and chicken.

Half A Sheep
My adventures into knitting, children, work, life

Knitty In Pink
Rediscovered knitting in '05 and am happily surrounded by yarn, needles, and WIPs!

Amy Artisan
Insights into my artistic endeavors (knitting, scrapbooking & more) and other things...

Woven ~N~ Spun
My place to talk about our crazy Army life, my knitting, and my spinning passions.

She Seeketh Wool
A knitting blog about one of my compulsions, socknitting and wool collecting.

Kitten Yarns & Crafts
This is my knitting and craft blog, though the content majority is knitting.

A novice's adventures in knitting and dyeing, and assorted other musings.

Musings of a yarn hoarding oboist gone bad.

A blog about knitting, babies, dogs, and how the three fit together.

Red Bird Knits
Knitting and spinning socks and lace - an all consuming passion

Lilypily Yarns
A blog about my adventures with yarn - mostly knitting but the odd bit of embroidery might appear too.

Just Sit Back & Knit
The blog of three women who would rather just sit back and knit.

Mrsaiaihelltune explores the knitting world with a (hopefully) funny view. She also bitches about dropped stitches, the sweater-that-will-not-be, broken needles, and her general fear that she won't make ...

Knit Me a River
A blog about my adventures in knitting and a little bit about everthing else.

sock pron for knitting voyeurs.

A Little Bit of Knit
It is a knitting blog where I ramble about all things knitty and yarny. I love to knit and I could talk about it all day long. A lot of sock knitting, but also sweaters, bags, and of course stash enha ...