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These are the somewhat non-fictional tales of an over-ripe paralegal who lives with her husband (Tool Man) and their dog (Andy Rooney), in which she goes on about her knitting, her work, her knitting, ...

A Sheep In Wools' Clothing
Long time knitter, fledgling spinner's journey through fiber arts.

Knit Won Purl, too
Random neural ficommunitys on knitting, spinning, pups, cats, and life in general

Knitting Up A Storm!
Just a married gald with kids who knits, cross stitches (rarely) and beads.

d-made knitting
d-made is all about Diana's knitting adventures in the Pacific Northwest and her daily life too.

oscillating wildly between all things crafty but mostly knitting

Deceptively Packaged
A knitting journal from a UT Austin library student.

Fig and Plum

Pischi Days
My day-to-day existence, knitting and other palaver.

counting every edible shade of red...
This is my knitting blog. But you already know that. The title was borrowed from a Califone song so yes, I like to listen to indie rock and it's sub/sister genres while knitting or just any old time. ...

Anna's Yarn Mansion
Blogging. Knitting. Yarn. All of these things make Anna one happy grad student. Enjoy as she openly shares her obsession over all things yarn.

if we shadows
about knitting, spinning, gardening, love, life, dogs, family and work and any other random thoughts that float around inside my head

MoonLight Frogger
Knitting obsessed frog collector shacommunity the joys of creating.

Brouhaha Knits!
knitting and blathecommunity on (and on) in Toronto, Ontario.

The Knitting Wildflower
Knitting blog with a lil cooking and crochet thrown in

Ramblings of a wool addict

Russell Yarn

Knitting Neels

A California girl's blog about her knitting adventures and related topics.

Casa Java Knits
coffee and knitting and yarn and spinning and children and life...

Cottage46 Knitter
One more blog where an obsessive knitter can keep track of her UFOs

Sheepish Annie
This is a site dedicated to my successes and "learning experiences" in the wild world of wool and wool-like substances...all fibers welcome!

Love to Bike and Knit
My ramblings on my knitting projects.

Knitting Underway
Knitting on the High Seas

Daily Distractions
Welcome to My Daily Distractions - my site devoted to all the things that keep my house from getting cleaned, etc. Mostly knitting, reading and playing with my puppy Abbey

Garden of Color
This is a place where I share my crafty endeavors. Lately, this is mostly knitting

I vent my errors and show off what I learn - with passion. Yarn, wine, and cheese, what else really is there to life?

Yarns,Needles,Books & Life
Well for one I talk about my knitting projects and yarns I love to buy. A little crochet thrown it with some daily happenings. Thanks!!

Shacommunity project descriptions, modifications and photos. A place to post my free patterns for my designs along with random other things I feel like shacommunity.

That One Blonde Girl
Rants and raves about my hobbies which include knitting, jewelry and scrapbooking.

Stumbling Over Chaos

Pens and Needles
Blog of writer and knitter Kristin Dreyer Kramer. Also features free patterns and links to knitting book reviews.

Mostly knitting and pattern design, and a bit of beadwork and spinning.

knitting, feminist politics, environmental health and questionable fashion tips. please don't let the cats out.

I started knitting in the fall of 2002 and I quickly became obsessed. My stash overflows all of the baskets and cabinets that I've put it in. The only reason that my husband tolerates it is that I actually ...


babbling brook
just random thoughts on knitting, reading, life & other things I like

Virgin Wool
Adventures of a novice knitter!

Patti's Purling Place
My venting place where I track my knitting progress, and untangle the daily stress of my life.

100% pura lana
Looking for 100% pure wool in Portugal

My blog about my knitting & cats and my life in general.

In Knitting News
A place for me to talk about knitting, post pictures and keep track of my wip's as they become fo's.

Knitting On Call
Random ramblings from a family doc, mom, knitter, and new spinner

Knitting Mama
A blog where I can discuss my obsession with knitting and the joys of being a mom.

Sunday Spin-ins
Two friends explocommunity and shacommunity fiber adventures and Sunday Spin-ins

Knitting like a maniac in all precious spare time! Brought to you by polar bears from Helsinki, Finland ;-) (there sure is a need for warm knits here). Note: the blog is not technically month old ...

anny purls
Knitting triumphs (and disasters) of a new suburban mom. Montreal, QC, CANADA

Knitting History

by Tanya
Explore the world of knitting and felting with me!

Wooly Headed
Marriage, kids, pets, house ... and knitting. Lots of knitting.