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Do you want to crush the stereotype that all knitters must be grandma\'s that sit in rockers? Are you a young at heart knitter? Or just a young knitter? Then this is the place for you!

The Chick With Stix
This is my knitting blog. I'm a young adult who is addicted to knitting and my blog is my space to share my addiction.

Till Death Do I Knit
Just a bit about me and my obsessive pursuit of knitting.

Knitting and Sewing and all forms of procrastination

Newbie Knitter
The attempts of a new knitter....

Somewhat Malcontent
No longer bitter, although still somewhat disgruntled with the world, I return to blogging. Stick around. It'll be terribly exciting.

A dutch knitting blog, but bilingual
Want to know what I knit? Just take a look in my blog


Cynical Knitting Gal
Cynical Gal takes her name in a reverse sort of way...it came about because one of her earliest posts was about Santa and her hope to always believe which was thwarted by siblings who thought they "knew." In ...

Maya's World

knitting and the little schmoo

Knitting Until An Ideal Thursday

Radiant Twist

a site for my projects!

One Fine Day
I blog about the ongoings in my life in general, which includes too much knitting...

Exploits of a Knitting Bond Girl

Inspired Procrastination
Stereotype? We don't need no stinkin' stereotypes! :)

The Land of the Knitasaur
The Knit-a-Saur takes on the world, camera in hand, feacommunity only the Night Frogger . . .

Shadkitty Knitty
The rambling knitting of a young mom, with three crazy, er lovely children. :)

Catirina Bonet Designs
This blog is about life, art, knitting, crochet, and sewing. I will write about techniques, tips, design, and the community of art and creativity and inspirations.

knit wits
a knitty teen who just wants to have fun

My free patterns and some I have found around the net. Anytime I make something new, I post a link and a description of my experience. Sister site to Knittinfun.blogspot.com

Oh! What a Wicked Web We Stitch!
a personal knitting and crochet blog from a girl living in NYC. Recording my adventures in teaching myself to knit and showing off my progress. Current in progress work and completed works.

My Thoughts About Life-Yarn-Kids & Other Stufff
Not exactly your average knitter, Christ-follower biker-chick and mom of 7 kids spins, knits, quilts, sews, bakes, homeschools, and maintains 2 etsy shops (3 if you count hubby's)!

RosyRetro LOVES knitting! 37 years young....heading towards 40 with knitting needles in hand like guns a kimbo...Knitting can be funky, sassy, stylish and down right relaxing! In our stressful world, ...

Life After...
After I graduated form college I decided to blog about the strange world outside of a college quad. Although I no longer attend bi-annual "Shock yo Mama" and "Stop Light" parties I do still knit!