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Musings on matters current, historical, and spiritual: All thoughts expressed are thoughts in progress.

New York NZ
making it to new york.

iKirst Kreated
Throw enough words at a page, and some of them may stick. The life and times of iKirst.

Rest Area 300m
Work Blog

.: Memoirs of a Lioness :.
Daily/weekly ramblings of an Indonesian final-year student at Vic Uni, Wellington.

A mix of personal experience, politics and prose.

Samurai Tales
I'm a New Zealander and I've recently returned from Japan. I've started a blog on Japan, its politics and its culture. I'll be particularly interested in how certain issues relate to New Zealand.

Giles' Blog
My blog includes: book/movie reviews, links to sites across the net, rants, misc news and stuff that everyone should know and stuff about websites and design.

Kiwi Jo
A kiwi livingin Maryland, USA with my DH, our animals, my cross stitching and work at the lab

Rants, Raves and Randomness
Expat Kiwi - My irregular, irreverent, thought dump. Mostly mindless, sporadically serrious, never newsworthy, always me.

the Naughty Milkmaid
The trials and tribluations of a bored dairy farmer.

my musings and rantings about life, faith and all else related

A time to blog, a space to be blogged in....
The Weblog of John Harrison, a Kiwi in London...

Bohemian Conservative
A mixture of all aspects of life from politics, music to motor sports

At Home With Rose
Personal diary of a graphic designer working from home

Quiet Cricket
Quiet Cricket is where I record bits of what's happening in my life as a craft-obsessed mother of two babies in small town New Zealand...

Shadow Footprints
Wandecommunitys in Virtu and Verity These are the ephermeral marks left after traversing the web.

Smacked Face
Generally boozy exploits in North London, unsolicited opinions, whinging, disco etc

Charm Girl
A self centered blog of a kiwi teenage girl who's life is going all down hill from here :D

HATCAT History According to Calum and Tony. History the way it should have been... or was?

Spatula Forum
I'm an American journalist who's just moved to New Zealand with my kiwi wife and son. I write whenever I get the urge about life in NZ, music, books, comics, my 2 1/2-year-old son, movies, and more.

What is Kiwifruit? 1) A small brown fuzzy fruit with a zesty green inside. Nice on pavlova apparently. 2) This blog, the fruit of an approaching mid 30-something Kiwi lass, fuzzy quite often and zest ...

Blog in Mouth
Ross P. Kettle's website and Blog including his political cartoon column - Foot in Mouth, as seen on STUFF. Contains a caricature gallery of well known New Zealanders, Foot in Mouth archive and other ...

The Backyard
24 yr old graduate, first job, life in Wellington. Making a statement about what's what in my life - what's entertaining me, what's making me think.

Joe Hendren
Visit the homepage of the left wing political commentator and writer. Includes published articles, travel writing, and a weblog.

Tarrackin's Home Scroll
Tarrackins Home Scroll with Military, iBook, my online CV, Military Technology Essay, US Army Rangers, Infantry skills NZSAS and modern firearms, Rants and writing and NZ Links

Bojsey's Blog
Living in San Francisco. Art, Leisure and thinking of returning home

Diffused by raarky
Diffused by raarky is a weblog. Written by me.. raarky. It's all here just so so i can keep track of things - don't wanna get lost now do we?

Metcalph's Blog
Commentary and musings

The blathecommunitys of span, a left winger with an opinion on lots of things; politics, news, media, advertising, unionism, i could go on and on.

The Hedgehog's Dilemma
Just a kiwi girl trying to make it in the big wide world.

Pool of Knowledge
News and resources to help students at highschool with their school work, studies and assignments.

Smarty in NZ
Bilingual Blog - Spanish and English A somewhat hard to find blend of half spanish-half kiwi; this closed the door on any doubts of me being different. Growing up in Spain, I moved to NZ when I was 13 ...

The Capital Letter
Musings of a dis-located New Zealander in Berlin

"Anymatters" (any matters) means any situation affected by something in some way, therefore my life is supposed to be a collection of anymatters.

So Called Wit
Titled 'the rants and raves of a mad woman', Blogs for the masses is basically an online journal of my opinions on various subjects, interesting things that happen to me or my friends, or anything else ...

Tiki Room
the tiki room, a random site from a random new zealander.

Slo Train Comin'
One man's battle to try to catch a train in Auckland.

Random links and musings on technology, culture and economics.

Smiles Magical Land
My Webblog about anything I like to talk about and share with others. Bright and colourful.

the kiwi flies again
I'm a kiwi (New Zealander), currently living in Berkeley. This time last year I was living in Western Australia, and before that in Colombia. In all, I've been to 34 countries, which means if I visit one ...

Planet Claire
So one minute I'm happily living in Christchurch, hanging with the whanau and loving life, and the next I'm at graduate school in Central New York. America is a strange place.

NZBC (New Zealand Blogging Corporation)
A team blog of culture and politics with a New Zealand focus.

The Promenade
Armed only with a quiverful of vaguely dubious superpowers and an unquenchable desire to know everything, our intrepid reporter steps outside her front door, every so often, when she feels like it. Morningside ...

Jack Yan: the Persuader Blog
The outspoken publisher of Lucire magazine with his own blog on globalization, the media, branding and social responsibility.

There's nothing a Wellingtonian loves more than a good whinge...

Just my thoughts on random things

LA Kiwi
The random bablings of an ex antipodean living in Los Angeles.

I\'m HJ and I\'m a 20 something Cantabrian and PurpleFlower is my personal webblog It contains news, the odd rant, Recipes, restaurant reviews, funny stuff, Updates for my friends and family, Neopets news ...

Tales of a girl who travels and loves to talk. Insights from afar.