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This community is for all bloggers who are owned by pets...and all pet lovers who are owned by their blogs!

Personal weblog of a novice blogger who is intrigued by this new world. I: work in arts education; love my pets and my husband; live in urban America; am politically liberal; vote.

Through the Pane
\"...What it was about windows, I supposed, was that there was something on the other side, and one never knows exactly what until they peer through the pane.\"

The Blog Pound
I own a number of special needs pets and decided a blog was a good place to write about our veterinary adventures, including high bills, home treatments, litterboxes, dirty ears, etc.

Zip-a-dee-doo-dah Day
Happy blog about pets, knitting, gardening, cooking, & whatever crafty creative thing comes up.

Our Wonderful Dogs
Just pics. ofour wonderful dogs!

An LMS' life, thoughts and family of one fiance, two felines, and one infant pug named Chai.

Richardson Zoo
Crazy life of an animal lover who takes care of 24 furred and scaled pets PLUS who works full time, is a married college student, and volunteers for a local humane association

Just a blog about living with 4 cats, 2 dogs and 1 husband. A meandecommunity account of my life with lots of stories about my pets and other random musings.

Bughaw - thoughts in blue
Enter the mind of a fifteen-year old Filipina who is in constant search of herself.

Ursula's Not So Secret History
The inner thoughts of a 30-something single gal living in Chicago, Illinois.

meowy's Got Stuff to Say
Griping about life, cats and various craft projects I'm working on.

Postcards from the Furkids
Weblog for Bebop, Squirrel, Mezzaluna, and Raven

My Meadow
I love animals and wants this web site to be a celebration and dedication to all my fuzzy friends who provide her with friendship, laughter, tears, and unconditional love. Also a place to BLOG about every ...

Inconsequential Natter: A Manifesto
Crabby Kansas girl who loves cooking, animals, art and theatre yaps about various subjects. You should yap back!

My messy life in fiber arts, figurative sculpture, writing and social work. Guest entries by my lovely critters!

Neurotic Fishbowl
The Neurotic Fishbowl that is my life.

Cleopatra's Palace
I'm Patra, a young tortie cat with a definate opinion of the world around me and I am not afraid to blog it!{;}

Another personal blog and cat from Savannah, GA

Dogisms - Painted-Turtle
Just your average ordinary blog where I talk too much about my three, yes three, dogs.

Barking at the Moon
Just me, myself and I shouting at the tops of our voices to anyone who will listen.

Hailey\'s Life
This is a site dedicated to my dog, Hailey. She is very cute and has many adventures. She writes in the blog to tell about her exciting life.

The Daily Cog
Daily happenings of George the cat.

It\'s a goddess thing...a writer thing...a dog mom thing... a liberal thing...

Diary of a nutty couple, a dog, 2 cats, a parrot and a rabbit!

the little hedgehog
thought of a crazy pet mom trapped in 70s surburbia