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This community is for any fansite dedicated to the new roleplaying Kingdom Hearts by SquareSoft and Disney Interactive for the Sony PlayStation 2. Websites dedicated entirely to Kingdom Hearts are very welcome, but if you have a site with a decent section (i.e. a Final Fantasy or Square/Disney Games site) on the Kingdom Hearts, you are welcome to submit your site as well.

The Riku Omnigatherum
A shrine and link list for Riku, the silver-haired bishonen of Kingdom Hearts.

Destiny Forgotten
This is a Kingdom Hearts fan site focusing mainly on Riku. It contains a gallery, fanfictions and other writings, links and more.

Kingdom Hearts Unlimited
We've got all the information you need.{;}unlimited choice!

Kingdom Hearts - Immortal Fate
A Proboard dedicated to Kingdom Hearts RPing. We have our own story that takes place after KH1. It will be losts of fun.

Kingdom Hearts: Another Side, Another Story
This is a Site based on Kingdom Hearts. There is all the Boards of all worlds including KH1, KH:CoM & KH2. All Final Fantasy Characters are allowed aswell as creaing your own. There is music for the forum ...