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Just my daily happenings in my own words.

Be on the know side

dorothyduncan is a female tshirt company whose mission is to make the wearer feel and look hot! At the heart of dorothyduncan is the idealistic appeal of being true to oneself and living the best life ...

Sera\'s World
The world as seen by a young Kenyan woman: My World

Random Kenyan II
Random Kenyan

amalgamated thought
An outlet for a man who loves East Africa.

Adventures Revisited
A blog by a mombasa-ian


Miss X
Small people, small times make the news

Leo kanisani
This weblog seeks to bcommunity in the voice of the church missing in this influencial medium by exposing the happenings within her and analysing her response to her dynamic context, as she finds her self ...

Inward looking at my reactions to my thoughts and things around me

Michezo Kenya...the Sports Digest
A site dedicated to Kenyan sport and sports personalities.

18 Till i Die
All about me....

It is a blog site dealing with whatever goes through my mind especially about East Africa(Kenya,Tanzania,Uganda...) I am actually Tanzanian but a friend of Kenya and .....

I abhor this habits

Nairobi fly


the art of living
living is an art and i am trying to master it

What happens when a young Kenyan in the diaspora founds and tries to grow a non-profit offecommunity scholarships to brilliant girls from impoverished families in Kenya? This blog is about the journey ...

Kwani Blog

Keep The Receipt

Thinking Kenyan
Site dedicated to giving the Kenyan Perspective on Religion and Philosophy and The big questions of life

My blog is on issues that affect the Kenyan family and African especially Woman and Children.

Johnnie Mtembezi
General recreational blog

Paza Sauti
Paza Sauti is a Kenyan, East African sounding board for African politics, policy and persuasions.

Hisanet Africa Investment Services
Hisanet Africa Investment Services: Invest online at the Nairobi Stock Exchange

insight kenya
Articles on Kenyans and the issues that affect them

Sikiliza's Raves
Thought images and rants for a laugh and ponder......

Learning Kenyanese
A random lesson in the state of being Kenyan.

opalo\'s weblog
An analysis of news from the continent

Alfajiri: Destination Kenya
Learn how my pending trip to volunteer in Africa came to be. Track my chaotic thoughts and feelings leading up to my summer 2008 departure. Live vicariously as I share stories about and conversations with ...

Crystal balls
Crystal balls is connecting by telling things as they are, learning to smile, laughing at yourself, not being afraid to be afraid. The name reflects my guts. I'm a romantic too, and nothing beats gypsies ...


the journalist

Words Much Like Poetry
What follows is an interim, a place that I currently dwell between youth and middle age. A less than neat little cubbyhole that serves as a haven from the storm that is my lot in life.

credit kenya
news, events on credit issues in kenya

General news and updates on kenya, a collection of links and articles from sites having news relevant to kenya

the wocha
rumbling thoughts on issues related to global economy, global politics, information technology and any other miscellaneous topics that catch my attention.

miss X
Everyday style, bounce, juice, dry spell, all that adds up to, and takes from life


Rugby in Kenya
A site to talk about rugby in Kenya, what is good, what is bad, and what needs to be done.

The Mind of Some Kenyan somewhere...

Hisanet Africa Investment Services
Kenya Investment Information and buying/Selling of Shares Online at the Nairobi Stock Exchange

Lost White Kenyan Chick
"An extremely voluble woman who engages in soliloquies not conversations" - in other words - "Thoughts of a blithecommunity idiot!"

The Shikwekwes
Comic strip that delves into the lives of a Kenyan family coming to terms with the demands of the 21st century.

Personal Life Developments

Creativity within
This is Al Kags official web space.

Random thought on how to develop Kenya to meet the MDG\'s or Vision 2030.


KCB Rugby Football Club
KCB Rugby Football Club's online journal