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Oliver Says (the real)

Dramatic Kenyan
About me

Kwani Lit Fest
The Official Blog of the Kwani Literary Festival

A description of my life and my experiences.An expression of feelings that come from the depth of my being. ME

discussions on kenyan and african issues

I am not John Githongo

mount kirima
A personal journey into Cyberspace

Kenya: Kill Corruption Monster
With the comming general election 2007, Kenyans have a golden chance to Kill the Corruption Monster in our country. This blog is dedicated to the campaign to uproot corruption from our society once and ...

KenyanPoet is a site that hosts my poetry collection and information on the Arts and Music. It provides information on the Arts industry, upcoming events and new artists. It features literary works ...

Julius Speaks
A blog on topical accounting and finance issues in Kenya and around the world

In my eyes
Life as i see it - Its all in God's hands

African, feminist, progressive, diasporic,inter-racially married, activist, academic: so many categories and just one me

My travels around the local scenes in Kenya and the rest of East Africa. Political, cultural and social issues, funny stories, pictures and sounds of the places visited

A review of books read by kenyans

African Me

tigritude is dead!
public personal observations

My site is a place where I share my thoughts on the happenings around me. It is about my life, the times I live in and all the queer and funny occurences I encounter everyday. The Kenyan political scene ...


My Take On Life
A woman's journey through life

Investing in Africa
A resource for people interested in investing in African stock markets.

Kazi Papo Hapo
This is a site that helps employers hire staff on temporary,part time or short time basis via sms.It also gives info on how those looking for short term ,temporary or part time jobs can list in the sms ...

life like jazz!
my site is all about poetic journals that i post n songs from my heart.thats all

the Gitts Zone

Kenya technology issues
ICT, trends, technology,industrialization issues in Kenya

For Love and Money
I will attempt to blog on my experiences, opinions and recollections on the fly. While my pet topic will be money or the lack of it, I will allow my environment and daily activities to freely influence ...

A Site For Readers!

Diaries of Sasha
A journal of the day to day experiences of Sasha, a young gay kenyan.

Life is all bout been Kenyan and lovin' it

The REAL Soccer Pundits
The PunditZone The Real Soccer Pundits Arsenal Chelsea ManU Liverpool Barcelona Real Madrid AC Milan Inter Milan Juventus Bayern Munich Lyon blah blah And Mathare United Tusker FC etc etc Information ...

The Mobius Strip
An eclectic collection of observations about the world around me, Kenya, human nature as I see it.

Just random thoughts of my daily life, current situations and anything that i think is of interest.

In search of truth
from the blogger domain, I just began it this year but I continue to publish posts.

me being me

Random thoughts on society and life in general,some politics.

women vs men
The site explore the glacommunity difference in the mindset of men and women.

Kogi's kona
Day to day stuff

Naked Untruths

Kenya in Tanzania Media
This blog is out to bcommunity to you what the Tanzania media says about Kenya (and Kenyans). It is also out to investigate the general feeling and opinion carried by Tanzanians on matters concerning Kenya ...


Living Every Day

Luhya Dialogues
Ano olanyola chingano ne bung'ali bwosi bwosi buliyo khubela babandu babelanga bali baluhya. Ese manyile lubukusu khutuma chikholo chichindi chye baluhya, nono ndaba nanaandika lukali mulubukusu. Bali ...

for the fuck of it.

For Kenyan, African and World literature& film reviews plus madness

Viola's Iris
A link to my message, my inspiration & wisdom - through my soul.

from deep
I pause the fast paced life to capture eternity from the simple experiences that break and make us. It is these that form our beliefs, mould our character and give us a glimpse of our destinies

Kenya, Diani Beach's informations blog
Here you can find every kind of informations to organize your holidays in Diani Beach, Ukunda - Kenya.

learning to play

All Things Nice
points of view of a Kenyan woman who is very sure, that one day..her day will come..any time now.....................still waiting..........

Interactive Kenyan news site