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A blog of news and opinion that's both local and international by former Nairobi resident, Black American writer Marian Douglas.

Pewa Ushibe Project
I love food & pictures. My Kenyan Gastronomic adventure.

Musings, thoughts, discoveries of a Kenyan living in The Netherlands ......

Little Angels
This site will be discussing children\'s issues and how in most instances, children are treated like lesser beings with their rights either totally ignored and where recognized, violated.

quotes rhymes thoughts reflections


Kenyan route - talking about home; nairobi city

Alpha - Rwath
Analysis of mainly political and religious issues but also socio-economic issues affecting Kenyans. The site offers out-of-the-box ,postmodern suggestions and provokes debate.

Kenyamoto Web TV
This blog will be used to announce new features and discuss subjects covered on Kenyamoto. Kenyamoto.com provides current and topical digital video of interest to Kenyans. We provide a daily report of ...

The journey to a finished me

Honey Bonnita
My daily trials and tribulations. Lessons I learned and continue to learn. My version of inspiration.

The Outlaw Torn
the memories and experiences of a kenyan student doing grad school in engineecommunity in the US.

Mawazo ya Sitati
The recollections and expressions of a Kenyan student in Manchester, England. If you're thinking of studying in England, or just want to know how life is for Kenyan students abroad, hopefully my experiences ...

Kenya: Thinking Ahead
Reflections on what it takes to have a better future for us all

Blog Ads Kenya
The official blog of Blog Ads Kenya, a service feeding advertisements to Kenyan blogs

from kenya to europe and all the way round it. started off as focused, now im not too sure anymore...

Broken Record
Movie, Book, Music, Video Reviews

BANTUTU's bits
Its not a biggie...just the world through Bantutu's eye's

La Belle Kenyanne

Relationship Check-Up
I am a Kenyan who blogs about relationships and the importance of premarital and marriage education to help couples succeed in their first year of marriage. I also blog about cohabitation and issues of ...

This blog shares personal experiences, thoughts and musings on what it means for me to be Christian,Kenyan, Political and in the Diaspora

Wema Wetu - A Healthy Africa
Wema Wetu means "Our Goodness, Our Kindness, Our Excellence" in Swahili. This blog is committed to deconstructing the overwhelmingly colossal and negative depiction of Africa\'s health situation. The current ...

Invincible Kung Fu
The on again, off again life of a Kenyan in academic exile

Diary of a Mad Kenyan Woman
Why suffer alone? Or in Silence? I demand an audience for my ramblings. Also, they will make you feel superior, sane, noble, charitable and infinitely intelligent as you will undoubtedly be able to dismiss ...

Magaidi - Journal of the African kid in the diaspora
Magaidi is a journal of the African kid's journey into the diaspora. A report of sorts to the motherland, education of thought and an experience blog.

an indian ex-pat in nairobi.

bomseh the great

a blog

The musings of Kenyan advocates in private practice who aim to bcommunity to light issues regarding the Kenyan justice system.

Nyakehu shares her experiences of living in London, you will either laugh or be exasperated , lakini karibu to multi-cultural living.

jAnaM blog
Committed to true news,local and international

life, love, poetry, africa, gender activism

a search for sanity or insanity......whichever it is I'm lacking.....

jobs in Kenya
Blog about jobs in Kenya.Offers internet work for Kenyans and Kenyan Residents .Good writing and communication skills in English required .Good Kiswaheli an advantage .Some basic knowledge about internet ...

random thoughts of a wanderer...

Bullets & Honey
Rabid rants, giggles and the rare thoughtful musing on political and literary happenings in Africa and its diaspora

Reviews on investing in the Nairobi Stock Exchange and the Kenya Economy

The Simple Life
A simple Kenyan man using simple knowledge to get ahead in today's complicated World.It's not as hard as it seems!Come sit at my feet and learn...

the Hanyeé's journey...

mUtTeRrInGs Of a SoCiAllY CoNvIcTeD mIsFiT.

The vixen's Anecdotes

My 2 cents
Let's just call this a cauldron of my ideas

The random thoughts of an alcoholic African striving to earn an education in America.

Fight Crime in Kenya
Look at ways to fight crime in Kenya.

Bla Blah
Musings of a Kenyan who sometimes vents steam on any issue that catches his fancy.

My Life in Simple Words
A young man's account of his events and moments, as he journey's through life.

covers legal issues in Kenya in a serious but comic way

A Political Kenya in 2007
2007 is a general election year in Kenya: This blog is simply about Kenya politics from a normal Kenyan voter's point of view.

A Kenyan in Europe...

My cup strives for fullness… The challenges of being an optimist in an increasingly pessimistic world.