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A forum to present and discuss all things Kenyan: the country, the people, the happenings, the past, the present and the future. All Kenyans and anyone else who is interested in any way is welcome to contribute. ...

Experiences on Christian Living

Mara Triangle
Mara Triangle is about conservation and other issues coming from the Mara Conservancy, Maasai Mara.

A blog about a journey to my dreams, steps that I take and truly believe will land me to the destination that I so much desire to be. A blog about wise handling of your money, A blog dedicated to teaching ...

rants, raves, views, opinion & comments...

Kei kei's random observations
Your eyes are supposedly windows to your soul or something like that....... mine also happen to be my soul's window to the heart; and how nourishing a view they offer. This log, at inception, is supposed ...

Abantu Vision | The Godfather
being able to share what's on your mind to everyone out there who happens to care about being knowledgable is one of the most endeacommunity things that I cherish and hold fast to. knowledge is power! ...

Kenyan Ramblings
Poetry, Creative Writing, Opinion, Commentaries, Musings, Ramblings, Art...a celebration of all things creative and all things African.

Genge Wear Blog
The man behind http://gengewear.bigcartel.com/ talks about the life from a genge perspective.

LuminusConsult: open source business solutions and information

A Mzungu who loves Kenya
Disconnected jottings about Kenya, life and the World, my [hopefully non-political - who am I kidding?] views, and anything else that passes between my ears. And my activities with African Community Initiative ...

African Community Initiative Support
ACIS was formed to help disadvantaged people in Kenya to improve their standard of living, and to give them that little lift they need to get started on the road to self-support.

Just me

The Harambee Stars Supporters Magazine

Pesa, Pombe, Siasa na Wanawake

Mashilingi: Blogging Kenya's nascent Venture Capital sector
Mashilingi Blog is a blog that tries to keep up with developments in the areas of funding, private equity, venture capital and finance for Kenya's budding tech sector and SMEs in general

Peace Caravan Kenya
The idea of a PEACE CARAVAN was conceived in October 2003 by VYP, as a young woman centre and drive initiative. Having been living in a slum area, Rachel Wambui Kung’u saw that a fire brigade took an ...

The bigger picture of technology

Confessions Of A Mistress
Life as a mistress in Nairobi.

This is a site about the socio-political scene in kenya

Me, my thoughts, my ideas, my outlet

An attempt at philosophy. Key word being attempt.


Babawatoto Bazaar
kenyan meeting point

A Black Woman's Poem
What is poetry if not a story about someone's life? This is my story.

Excellent Hands
Inspirational. My Life, My Lessons, My Influence.

Relationship advice, Kenyan issues, Humour and jokes, research, funnies, politics

What if we could have a discussion about the issues that affect Kenya? What if we could make it possible for just about every Kenyan to take part in this discussion? What would you say if you had the opportunity ...

Memories of a Kenyan Child 2sweet2B4go10

Too far from home, too far from sanity.

Vybes - Your Entertainment Site
Vybes is an entertainment site that reports on new music, new music videos, new movies, celebrity gossip & rumors,sizzling news.

Theatre of Inconveniences
The Theatre of Inconveniences discusses wildlife and environmental conservation issues affecting Kenya, Africa and the world.

Gikuyu Architecture
A blog discussing aspects of traditional Kikuyu Architecture

Mary Baker Eddy Illustrated Quotes
A compilation of sayings by Christian Science Founder Mary Baker Eddy illustrated with correlated photographs.

On technology and innovation in Africa

Stone Cold Gentleman
The diary of a stone cold gentleman

A blog on current affairs

Angel and Imp
this voices, this voices,i hear them, i hear them and when they talk i follow, i follow......this voices.....

Random Thoughts

Your typical Gay Kenyan man. Living and working in Nairobi. And painting it red :) I don't do politics or serious on here... lots of weird ramblings, but all in 'good' taste...er... sorta.

KenWeb Webdesign & Development Blog
Blogging and Teaching about XHTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, WordPress, Drupal, etc.

A random blog on virtually everything ranging from politics to philosophy, history, theology, media, Kenya, religion, culture, public policy, youth, women, gender, democracy, spirituality, church, governance, ...

The here and there, the now and then about Kenyan politics and society

Edward karani blog
Edward Karani is an urbane freelance writer who has written severally for the web and magazines. Basically, he writes on Internet science, although he has quite a range of his work that covers such areas ...

kenyantykoon's blog
mainly about basic investment information, fancy gadgets, eyecatching news from around the globe and major issues facing the world

This Blog is exposing the fraud at Digital Advisory and Learning Centre. This College is giving Kenyans diplomas from Cambridge Association and Oxford Association of Managers. These two are not accredited ...

Village Analyst
A blog on financial and corporate matters.

Beyond Colonialism
My attempts at documenting the British Colonial Experience in Kenya- from a grassroots perspective. Most of my sources are the elderly mamas and wazee I have interviewed, most in the Kisumu area. However, ...

Nairobi Swimming Association
The Happenings in Kenyan swimming specifically at The Nairobi Swimming Association and in Kenya in General with relevant input from other sources in the rest of the World. Kenyan Swimming has recently ...

Samburu Music
Lmaa Online Archive is dedicated to the memory of the late Maj.(Rtd) S.S. Lemasagarai (1966-2008), whose life was in many ways a shining example to the people of the Samburu tribe of Kenya. Background Major ...