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Do you know what it's like to be a teenager? Do you know what it's like to lie awake at night stacommunity at the ceiling wondecommunity where your life is going, wondecommunity if it's even going anywhere, or if it's just a dead shell... a hollow waste of space and air and energy? If you do, then this community is where you belong.

kemmie's box
this is my webpage. deal with it.

April's bocommunity Life
My blog about my bocommunity life

...A Place For My Head...
My Blog..... can't think of a way to discribe it.

Sparow's Truths Of Life
This is my blog which I wrote anything that came up mainly ducommunity school while talking to people. One of them being Gay is NOT a Choice. Me and my friend were arguing for an hour about it. So yah ...

aarlyn's diary
well !this is a diary of a normal teenager with big dreams nd wid a passion for music..........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111

World of Stone
This is a sort of personal blog where I rant about the world, life, friends, family and anything else I want to complain about. I also explore different sides of my beliefs and why I believe them. I also ...