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Shithouse rat
Bipolar, sometimes psychotic NYC writer's (mostly) humorous musings on (sometimes) serious topics. Comments, nasty and nice, always welcome.

the platonic cave of phizz
inspired by a life of quiet desperation, indie music, and societal malapropisms

Reflections of a Realistic Idealist
reflections on love, life, passion, trial and glory .., and online entertainment, e-cards, cartoons, fun tests, etc!

Technology is a major part of our everyday lives - even when we don't realize it. Computers just happen to be a bigger part of my life than most others. However, they aren't *all* there is to my life. ...

Holli's Ramblings
My cheek is smudged with red clay. African soil keeps me grounded, dirty, alive. Gives me perspective and cause for alarm. Dusty, wet, preoccupied by irony and deceit, beauty and angst, the fragile and ...