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Click Member link to see site in tvKnit One Sip Two
Knitter rambles on about knitting adventures, wine tastings and the cat.

mjm knitting
blog site about knitting and my cats

Place knitting pun here
All about my knitting and crafting, and of course all about my two cats.


Kittens & Knittin'
I share my journey as a new knitter, and pictures of my adorable cats!

The Dust Bunnies Will Wait
I'm just a casual rural Mom trying to guide my children thru this galaxy. I love to knit, knit, and knit.

Art is the Handmaid of Human Good
I knit, I have cats and I blog - good times.

The Crafty Hobbit
Knittin' with my four furry helpers.

Alma and the Very Bad Cats
A thirtysomething once-again-student is learning not only how to knit but also how to do the blogging thing in spite of living with two very bad cats who tend to sabotage anything and everything not related ...

knitting bare
deconstructing and showing myself through knitting, art, writing, and other stuff...then putting myself together again. And yeah..it\'s all about me...duh... but it is also about you too.

Unwanted Little Sister
My site is just a random assortment of my adventures in knitting - with the help of my cats, of course! Who else could unwind an entire new skein of yarn around the WHOLE house in less than 5 minutes ...

Priscilla's Knitting Blog
Site is about my knitting and crafts, my cats, free knitting patterns and knitting site website awards.

A Long Yarn
Knitting and cats? What could be better? While sanity is over-rated, these are two obsessions that help keep me sane - sort of...

Bonsol Enterprises
A little bit of everything, including knitting, cats, flowers, homeschooling, and more!

Lick My Sticks
A blog about knitting, from your average foul-mouthed, heavy metal, neurotic, loud-mouthed woman living with her husband, daughter, cat, and dog. Home of The Bad Ass Knitters.

Nicole's knits & quirks
This site is just my corner of the world where I can show off my finished knitting projects and ramble on about my life and my cat, Thomas.

kats crochet
A site full of free knit and crochet patterns. Links to more free patterns. How to knit and crochet links. Other helpful links pertaining to the art of knit and crochet.

A site full of free knit and crochet patterns. Links to more free patterns. How to knit and crochet links. Other helpful links pertaining to the art of knit and crochet.

The Nauti Knitter
A sailing knitter or knitting sailor? You decide!


Sylvie the Procrasknitter
blog about knitting, various other crafts, my cats and my life in general

put a sock on it!
Erin knits socks and loves cats.

Dances With Wools
My ID's not Katknit for nothin!

Lisa's Knitty

My blog about life in general and knitting and cats in particular.

Cynical Knitting Gal
Cynical Gal takes her name in a reverse sort of way...it came about because one of her earliest posts was about Santa and her hope to always believe which was thwarted by siblings who thought they "knew." In ...

Just me, 2 chickens and a huge wishlist of things to knit......

Wooly Read Wines
I knit, I read, I whine, err, sip wine, usually with a cat on my lap.

in the midden of nowhere
a mix of thoughts on crafts but particularly knitting; also women's tennis, Star Trek, fibromyalgia

Stumbling Over Chaos
I used to Internet date. Now I read blogs instead. Knitting, reading, bicycling, and cat parenting. It's a wild life.

Crafts are my passion, Cats are my obsession!
I talk about my cats (and dogs) and my craft projects. I'm primarily a knitter, but also crochet, quilt, tat, and a host of other fibre arts. I occassionally "wax poetic" about my life and family, t ...

Knit-Tea Kitty
A place where I share my musings about my knitting, my kitties, my life in general

The Land of the Knitasaur
The Knit-a-Saur takes on the world, camera in hand, feacommunity only the Night Frogger . . .

Knitting with Athena
This is my knitting blog. Eventually, I am also going to post free patterns along with my other adventures in knitting.

Knitting, animal welfare, political opinions and book reviews from a cat lover without a cat.

Jen Hintz Yarn Arts
Knitting, crochet, my Etsy store, my cats, NASCAR, and occasional railing against the healthcare establishment...usually in that order.

QM Chronicles
A blog about my cats and my knitting!

Threads from Karen
Pieces of my life including my interests in knitting, quilting, gardening, family and pets

mamayaya's circus of fun!
minnesota, knitting, punk rock, dog grooming, toddler chasing, cat wrangling and other assorted nonsense.

A blog is about my love of knitting and creating, my dyeing successes and failures (!), my family and my interests

Domestic Blissless
Domesticated, me? Hah! I wish! This blog is to cite the domestic achievements I make, however rare, including baking, knitting and wedding planning!

Notorisk stickare
Handstickning Länkar till gamla mönster Länkar till stickhjälp Länkar till stickning förr i tiden

All Stcommunitys Bright & Beautiful
'threads' about my ongoing projects & life

Green Tara Knits

Betsy's Knitting Notebook
Free knitting patterns, handmade stitch markers, knitted jewelry and needle felted art.

Brainless Knitter
Attempting the fine art of knitting without a brain.

Mychawd: The Knitting SAMurai
On a narrow-minded world filled with images of knitting grandmas, who is left to take up sticks and stcommunity, and knit to make everything cozy? It is I, Mychawd The Knitting SAMurai

Cathy's Cats N' Crafts
Just a place for my knitting and my cats

Priscilla's knitting blog
I love knitting. Please check out my knitting blog to see what I have done lately.

Griffin Yarns
I am a knitting designer who is currently owned by 2 Maine Coon Cats. Come join me for information on my patterns, knitting tips and tricks, patterns for sale and download as well as cat pictures and ...