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If you've ever looked at a kayak and though 'I can build that', then you were right! Building your own kayak is an easy and affordable way to get to enjoy the thrill of kayaking for less money and a big sense of pride.
This community will give you access to all the tools that you need to build your own kayak. Find ou what you need and just how you can do it. You can also find great deals and expert advice here.

Want to Build Your Own Kayak
learn How to Build a Kayak and find lots of Information and Books on Kayaking, Building and more. Kayaks for sale. Kayak Paddles. Ocean Kayak, Sea Kayak, Whitewater Kayak and much more…

All You Need To Build Your Own Kayak
Find out exactly How to Build a Kayak. Find Information and Books on Kayaking, Building and more. We also have Kayaks for sale, Kayak Paddles, Ocean Kayak, Sea Kayak, Whitewater Kayak and much more…Kayak ...

Yes, You CAN Build Your Own Kayak

Of all the do-it-yourself projects, one of the most satisfying…and unusual…has to be building your own kayak! Yes, that’s right my friends; you CAN build your own kayak!

A kayak is a small boat with a covered deck and a cockpit protected by a spray deck. The kayak was used by the native hunters in sub-Arctic regions of northeastern Asia, North America and Greenland. It’s usually propelled by a single person using a double-bladed paddle.

One of the best reasons for building your own boat is that you’ll get a better boat for your money. Often kayaks can be built for $500 or less, while manufactured boats can go for four times as much. But the best reason to build your own kayak is simply that it’s fun and likely something that your friends will be laughing about for the next 20 or so summers at the cottage!

Don’t worry about your lack of woodworking experience. There are precut kayak kits that even a first-time woodworker can use. The kits come with all the parts, glue and hardware, plus plans, instructions and free technical assistance. If you need more help, or would like to get a little more information before your start, there are boat-building schools that offer classes in building kayaks, also called canoes in some regions.

Despite all the amazing composite materials, plastics and advanced adhesives available today, the best material to build your kayak is still wood. Even world-class sailing yachts are made of wood, because it’s stiff, has a higher strength-to-weight ratio and looks better than most other materials. And since epoxy-wood construction was developed, wood has actually become a high-tech material. Epoxy for kayaks combines a two-part plastic that’s both glue and waterproof finish. It allows boat-builders to saturate the wood with a tough plastic resin, sealing it to prevent decade and increase strength.

The big drawback to building your own wooden kayak is time. A plywood kayak takes 40 to 80 hours to assemble, and a strip-built canoe can take as much as 150 hours. This is a money-losing proposition for a boat manufacturer in mass production, where a plastic boat pops out every 27 minutes. But it’s a deeply satisfying hobby for the amateur builder.

There two basic techniques to a home-built kayak: stitch-and-glue and strip-planking.
The stitch-and-glue technique is the most popular; most wooden kayaks, and some canoes, are built using this method. Stitch-and-glue boats are built from a high-grade marine plywood, okoume, a type of plantation-grown African mahogany. Kits come all the instructions and materials you’ll need.

Strip planking is usually thought of as a canoe-building method, but it also can be used to produce kayaks. As its name suggests, this method involves gluing together many thin, flexible strips along a mold that outlines the boat’s shape.

There’s lots more work to finish off your kayak, but as the boat takes shape you’re so excited about your little boat that the finish work seems easy! Once your epoxy and final varnish set and cure, you’ll be ready to put your boat in the water and enjoy the ride!