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This community is dedicated to the American Martial Art of Kujukenbo. Members sites have a primary Kajukenbo focus.

Kajukenbo community Homepage
Home of the kajukenbo Community

Anderson Martial Arts
Kajukenbo, a combination of fice combat systems was developed in the Palama settlement in Hawaii in 1947. Sijo Adriano D. Emperado is considered the founder of the system along with four other black belt ...

Walker Kajukenbo-Karate
Walker Kajukenbo-Karate School located in Alamogordo, New Mexico.

Kajukenbo - An American Martial Art
Acknowledged as the first Kajukenbo webpage.

Kajukenbo Wun Hop Kuen Do
An overview of Kajukenbo and the four branches: Tum Pai, Chuan Fa, Wun Hop Kuen Do and Original Method. A focus on Wun Hop Kuen Do and the College Station, Texas school taught by Sifu Cirillo.

Dedicated to the family of teachers and practitioners of Kajukenbo. Features a mailing list, family tree, international directory of schools, picture gallery, and more.

KSDI of Portland
Emperado's Method of Kajukenbo!

Kajukenbo Cafe
Kajukenbo Cafe is a forum where all practitioners of Kajukenbo can ask questions, make comments, and post events.

Lincoln Kenpo-Karate
Website of Sifu Chris Sprague\'s School. Teaching Kajukenbo-Kenpo. Member of KSDI, #5022.

Kajukenbo ITALIA
The official site of the Kajukenbo schools in Italy.

Kajukenbo Arizona
Self Defense for Kids, Women and Adults. Special MMA and non-traditional programs for younger kids.

American Kajukenbo
Welcome to the official home page for the American Kajukenbo Self-Defense schools.

Mixed Martial Arts Supplies
From traditional martial arts supplies for Taekwondo, Karate, and Judo to the new cutting edge MMA we have it here at The MMA Zone. We have supplies in the following areas: Taekwondo ...