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A community that binds MMU Students' blogs together.

Famiglia Blog
Famiglia means family. Though each came from different backgrounds; albeit difference opinion; despite ............. incompatible characters, we are one.. ..One in the bond of love. One in the fellowship ...

ALVINISM. My chapter. My story. My life . A blog which is a refection of my personality. A blog ABOUT the walk i walked. A blog FOR the aspect of my life. A blog BECAUSE of the aspect of my ...

My Certain Shade Of Green
A personal blog to share with friends

MMU Lunatic Asylum
This is the website for the MMU Lunatic Asylum blogcommunity. :)

Feelings Station
I talk about and share my feelings and also the experience I gain everyday. So those who are cacommunity enuf... Please visit me.

______*EmPty PlacE_____
This site contain about my daily life and useful information... better check it out....

mix n' blend

blind spot
some news and stuff about me

The joy of having no wings.

Here I Go Again
A retired blogger who made a come-back. Newly improved, a paris-victim; shopping is necessary. Oh, if you don't listen to the grooves, you suck. Because my life revolves around it. Believes in miracles.. ...