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Thoughts and musings on the church and society from the perspective of a cradle Episopalian of the "out" lesbian persuasion.

Hillbilly Musings
The wandecommunity ramblings of an Episcopal hillbilly from the Ozarks. Y'all are welcome and you-uns are loved!

Out of the Darkness & Into the Light
The Blog of my Anglican Journey

“He answers your questions, but his answers are, shall we say ambiguous. Even enigmatic.”

Young Clergywoman, wife and mother, blogging about life and stuff.

Saints Alive
The blog of All Saints Episcopal Church, East Lansing, Michigan.

The Watching Warden
As a former Senior Warden, I consider myself to now be a watcher - a watcher of the Church, and the events that are unfolding in the world today, how those events affect our Church; with a twist from ...

Tasting Jasmine
A blog of theological reflection, tradition searching, and honest questions.

The Three Legged Stool
A place for Episcopalians to exchange ideas, share opinions, and discuss events in the Episcopal Church and the World Wide Anglican Communion. All in the tradition of Fr. Jake

Personal blog of a third-time convert to ECUSA....

Dove and Snake
Books, films and ideas with a hip Christian viewpoint.

The Land of Unlikeness
We are a group of Catholic Anglicans and Catholics working together to explore and illuminate the cultural issues that challenge unity and peace in the world. We understand culture holistically, and thus ...

The Rev. Mama
Called to Motherhood & Ministry Part time priest, full time mama A place to muse about God, mama-hood, the church, being a working parent and the general absurdity of life

Duine Ruadh
Greg's Random Thoughts - centered on the study of Leviticus and reviews of Bibles and books

Ecclesiastical Trifles
The musings of a liberal, catholic theology graduate who just so happens to be on the path to ordination in the CofE

Available Light
A New Zealand Anglican priest reflects on life in the shadow of cancer; Contemplative spirituality that recognizes that all truth -scientific, theological, aesthetic, ethical - must derive from the same ...

Saint Matt Speaks
Conversations, observations, and information from the faith community of St. Matthew's Episcopal Church, Edinburg, Texas

being appeared to bloggishly
devoted (mostly) to theology and philosophy: Thanks for stopping by being-appeared-to-bloggishly the theology & philosophy blog of Mike Dagle. You can find out more about me on my about page. Briefly, ...

Fat Goddess
My personal reflections on the Feminine Divine in a liberal Christian context.

Est Anima Legis
A blog that looks at the world through my eyes, but what blog doesn't, included is stuff that I think you may enjoy reading.

Musings and life events from a granny who follows Christ in the Episcopal tradition.

Living Faithfully in the 21st Century Village
Thoughts, ideas, and questions from an Episcopal priest seeking to engage issues of faith in a post-modern society. How do we live faithfully in an emerging church and a changing world? How do we create ...

a blog of one's own
a meandecommunity exploration through journaling of how i live life in the 21st century as a christian; begun after failing miserably at something for which i prayed unceasingly to succeed; some digression ...

Left Turn at Joy
The blog of an Episcopal seminarian and Postulant for holy orders. I write from Austin Texas about seminary life, theology, poetry, or whatever else strikes my fancy.

Gordon's Blog
Thoughts, reflections and observations about life and the world...

An Evangelical Catholic Pilgrim
Thoughts from a generously orthodox, "Centrist" 30-something Episcopalian living in northeastern Pennsylvania.

I’m a conservative Christian, raised in the Baptist non-tradition, and recently “born-again” as an Anglican. I find myself always in search of the Truth of my Lord so I may grow in His likeness and always ...


Wie ein Held zum Siegen
Aicommunity my obsession with what I call "portable religion" - the props that make practicing a religion either possible or easier while on the move.

Just Another Black Sheep
I write a lot about animals, politics, the environment, some about personal life, and a bit about what amuses or fascinates me in the world. And, oh yes, about religion and theocracy.

turtlesdoves and tofu
a gemish of science, scripture and the sacred feminine - well, that's the idea anyway

Friar John's Ruminations
Thoughts and essays by an Episcopal layman.

Risk Rap
Dedicated to examining the economic, political and cultural dimensions of risk.

Staying Awake

A Modern Anchorite
An Episcopalian man looking into living as a modern religious while still living in the world.

A conservative Episcopal priest in the Diocese of Minnesota comments on religion, government, and life in general. That the author is both a woman and a conservative (both theological and political) makes ...

Deacon Calling...I've Never Felt so Alive
This blog chronicles Kristin LaTour's journey through discernment to become a deacon in the Diocese of Chicago.

Wilderness Thoughts
Thoughts and meditations from a wilderness journey.

Bible Babblings
The blog on this website attempts to further the understanding of Gods' will through open discussion of contemporary religious issues such as abortion, creationism, prayer in schools, separation of church ...

THE GRAPEVINE is not an official site of the Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin. It is a network of those who want to support Episcopalians in the San Joaquin Valley. The Episcopal Church is a member of ...

So. Here's What I Think...
This blog covers varied subjects, including ADD, religion, spirituality, relationships and psychology. While I may quote someone or post a video from time to time, mainly this is a forum for me to post ...

Dirty Sexy Ministry
Two priests, with a feminine outlook on the world. After all, celebrating the Eucharist with a slipping bra strap adds perspective.

The Episcopal Church of the Holy Communion
The blog of the Episcopal Church of the Holy Communion in University City, Missouri, a suburb in the St. Louis area

Walsingham Wanderings
An Episcopal Seminarian's wanderings into matters of life and faith.

Churchmouse Campanologist
Ringing the bells for Christian traditions and getting our story out there. If we don't, who will?

Mama Priest Spinning Plates
Mostly Mama blogging about life as an Episcopal Priest, working at a great parish, raising two wonderful children and lovin' on the spouse. Want to watch me keep all those plates in the air?

Religious Imagination
Dispatches on religion, teaching, and culture from a preacher's kid turned school chaplain. Dispatches on religion, teaching, and culture from a preacher's kid turned school chaplain. Dispatches on religion, ...

The Blogging of Richard Hooker
This is a blog following a group at Church Divinity School of the Pacific in Berkeley, California that is reading through all of Richard Hooker's Lawes of Ecclesiastical Polity. This groups is lead by ...

Dean Brian Baker's Blog
This is the site of Brian Baker, Dean of Trinity Cathedral in Sacramento, California. This is the site of Brian Baker, Dean of Trinity Cathedral in Sacramento. This is the site of Brian Baker, Dean of ...

Contemplative Christians
The purpose of this blog is to continue the articulation and embodiment of contemplative Christianity in the third millennium of Christian faith. My prayer is that through these writings, resources and ...