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Click Member link to see site in tvEileen the Episcopali-fem
Musings of an INFP who recently left the Roman Catholic Church to become a more inclusive Episcopalian

Stranded Faith
Discussions on living life as a stranded christian in a world of confusion and chaos...but remembecommunity God's grace.

Sermons, Seminary Notes, Stuff...
A place to post sermons, other notes on seminary and the formational life, my book reviews, and anything else of interest to me at the moment...

The Reverend Mother
Musings, lessons plans and background info for a home-based community where all spiritual pilgrims are welcome for learning and discovery.

Quaerite Dominum
A young Episcopalian's prayer journal.

the daily office
The daily trials and tribulations of a youth worker in montana.... loosely related to the daily office in the bcp.

Pike Schemes
The online journal of Shawn and Sara, detailing their life in the Washington DC area. They are members of St. Paul's K St in Washington.

Alive on All Channels
posting articles, poems, letters, photographs about spiritual topics, spiritual direction, and the larger community both Christian and Humanist. My own poetry and articles of interest to those recieving ...

Blue Heart of Dixie
In the blue heart of the Deep South lies Atlanta, a dot of mostly progressive thought in an ocean of red voters. I am an out, gay Episcopalian Democrat trying to live his life with as much integrity as ...

Come to the Table...
All are welcome to the Episcopal Church USA. The door is open, come on in and be loved, nourished, strenghtened and encouraged. Christ died for all, not for some, so come and grow with us.

In Shel's Corner-Bloggery and Stuff
The life and thoughts of a Transsexual Episcopal Priest

The Rector's Journal
The reflections of a parish priest

musings of an episcopal priest

The Patriarch of the West
The musings of an Episcopal priest seeking an authentic integrated ministry in the church.

A Guy in the Pew
I was raised as a Lutheran, but now Worship at an Episcopal chuch. I am also an attorney, husband, father, and former elected official. While I can't help myself and will post on political happenings from ...

... for the innumerable benefits
The random musings of an Episcopal seminarian who is thankful for God's innumerable benefits procured unto us.

Small Membership Churches
A blog intended for those with an interest in small membership churches (defined as those with an average Sunday attendance of 70 people or less.) It is a place to share stories of vitality, what works, ...

The Family Letter
A little of what’s going on with me, some ranting, and more! The blog of an Episcopal Priest, touching on things personal, global, trivial, serious, silly, and ponderous...

Diocesan Chaplains "News You Can Use"
This is a blog for questions, ideas and discussion around Episcopal healthcare chaplaincy (though we'd love to hear from healthcare chaplains of all stripes!). It is a project of the Office of the Bishop ...

Paul Chappel - composer - writer - poet
Composer and hymn writer Paul Chappel's blog as he journeys through life, gardening, cooking and tending his finches and button quail. He shares some hymn texts, and described the writing process - his ...

Signs, Dreams and Visions
Bits of inspiration, doggerel, and theology, lightly stirred.

Butterflies Under Our Hats
An assortment of reflections by a pediatric chaplain regarding her work.

musings of an actress turned mom turned Episcopal priest wannabe.

Bread and Wine
a place where I hope to keep a record of thoughts related to all things proper to be written

Wilderness Thoughts
Thoughts, prayers, meditations from an Episcopal priest and author.

Snow on Roses
Religion, roses and photography. They go together better than you might think. I blog everything from my spiritual journey, parish news, musings about my garden and a few of my favorite photos.

Blogging Priest
A site set up to provide an outlet for my fledgling writing career and various opinions.

seeking spirit
"A seeking spirit loving nature, silence, spaces, and images of life and Light" blogged by a "wife, grandma, mother, friend, therapist, writer, photographer (most of the pictures on the blog are mine), ...

No Man is an Island
Personal perspectives from an Episcopalian

I'm an Episcopalian in the Anglo-Catholic tradition. I live in Seattle with my husband and my pets.

The Vicar of Digby
The musings of a middle-aged American expat Deacon-soon-to-be-priest on things over which he has absolutely no control.

a life filled with spirit, jazz, plants, and a floppy hat. And stained glass and plenty of bandages.

Carpe You Some Diem!
My personal photo blog... basically my space to write about whatever I feel like. Lots of art, cultural events, etc...

Walking to Jerusalem with Christ Church
Christ Church Episcopal has embarked on a pilgrimage of meditation and movement. This is a site to keep track of our progress and to share our stories.

The Anglican Wrangler
A Chicagoan mother of two and cradle Episcopalian natters on about the state of the church and the state of her soul, in reverse order of importance.

Paul's Place in Perry
A middle-aged lay preacher in middle Georgia who is considecommunity seeking ordination talks about his church, his alma mater's football team, and whatever else comes up.

Carpe You Some Diem
Hey -- I was already a member but I want to change my URL in your records. Everything on this end has been changed. Sorry about the inconvenience.

Sir Monocle
Views of an organist and gentleman.

Tradition, Faith, and Reason
A blog for my reflections on my journey of faith

i are a writer
writer & priest seeking balance.

Spiritually Directed
Part time spiritual director, full time leprechaun

Breaking Fast on the Beach
Mostly my communications to the parish I serve, St. Luke\'s Worcester, Mass. I attempt to connect faith and culture to inspire growing disciples of Jesus Christ.

Finding the Eternal
Reflections on faith, doubt, innovative liturgy, and the life of the Spirit.

Finding the Eternal
Reflections on faith, doubt, innovative liturgy, and the life of the Spirit.

praying (a) way
I am a graduate student of counseling psychology & theology, making my way through the last of the academic requirements. I am currently in the discernment process for Holy Orders (priesthood) in The Episcopal ...

peace and all good
musings, meditations and murmucommunitys on the christian journey

for the Means of Grace and for the Hope of Glory
poetry and thoughts on life, God, Faith, and other things that interest me

Fragments Toward Communion: Notes on God, the Church and the World
Fragmentary writings on God, the Church and the World...

Young Anglican Thoughts
The thoughts of some Young Anglicans on theology and perhaps the future of the Anglican Church.

A Web site about faith, politics...and other subjects you're not supposed to discuss in polite company.