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Musings of a 50+ musical, spiritual, seeker about life, beagles, rescue dogs and cats, church, music, and BMWs.

Catholic in the Third Millennium
Explocommunity the implications, challenges, and possibilites of being catholic in the third millennium

Meditation Matters
Postings on meditative practice from an interfaith point of view by an Episcopal solitary nun.

Traveling at the Speed of Life
Musings on spirituality and life by an Episcopal priest and dean of religious life at Smith College.

Barefoot and Laughing
I've moved to this address from Playing Tag With God. I'm a seminarian at CDSP in Berkeley, CA, with a passion for God's people.

swandive:thoughts from behind the bar
thoughts from behind the bar: a bartender turned God lover stumbles her way through life, love and heacommunity the voice of God in her daily journey

General Convention 2006
A blog for posting reflections by Lydia Evans and members of the South Carolina deputation ducommunity the 2006 Episcopal General Convention in Columbus, Ohio.

Catherine's World

Curb Your Dogma
Peeling back the layers of accumulated doctrine. Rediscovecommunity the mysterious and paradoxical truths at the core of Christianity. Living as though we believe them.

Blog part of shindotv site (http://homepage.mac.com/shindotv), devoted to Shinichi Evans's writing: fiction, poetry, and recently creative non-fiction.

The HO Blog
Trivial and altogether uninteresting insights into the daily travails of an aspicommunity scientist and sometimes musician.

Swank Mom
A Home Schooling, Episcopalian Mom of 3

Random images from my personal photographic collection and occasional commentary on the state of the Anglican Communion and other issues.

The Big Dunk
Can a new Episcopalian, former Unitarian Universalist and avowed Jesus freak find happiness as a contemplative housewife? Find out at the Big Dunk.

Reflecting on Ministry
Reflection on the process of ministry by an Australian priest of over 25 years in orders. An encouragement for theological reflection

Glenwood Place
Reflections and items of interest to this Anglo-Catholic Benedictine oblate contemplative in Chicago.

Along the Way of Grace
Thoughts, observations,photos, stories, and pondecommunitys on faith and life. I am a wife, mother, teacher, and seeker who is learning to walk out my faith in Christ in new and more meaningful ways.

Ayia Iluvatar
The varied musings of an Episcopal Priest, Tolkien Nut and Gaming Dork.

Marc's Miscellany
Observations About Politics, Religion, Legal Affairs and Miscellaneous Topics.

Mystical Midget
An Episcopal faith journey through middle age!

Does the church make sense or do we make it too hard for people to come in? I think yes and yes and the task then is to make it easier. Maybe for someone out there, this will be the case. I write as a ...

Communion in Conflict
A serious, charitable, and moderate theological exploration of the meaning of "the highest degree of communion possible" within Anglicanism, through the lens of "communion ecclesiology" as well as the ...

Eat this Scroll
A site for poetic and homiletic responses to the readings of the Sunday and Daily Office lectionaries.

Tulsa Time
Bill and Susan Miller are cradle Episcopalian living in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA. We use photographs and a few notes to share things we find interesting in our community and the world around it.

a priest's musings on the journey
An Episcopal priest who tries to follow the path of peace and live his life in a way that is faithful to the teachings of Christ who taught us to Love God and to love everybody else as we love ourselv ...

Bible and Moeny Blog
A place that explores the neighborhood where money and spirituality intersect. Written by an almost cradle Episopalian, it is aimed at all Christians trying to reconcile their spritual life to 21st century ...


Memorizing the Word of God
Are there benefits to learning Scripture verses by heart today? In this instant world the thought of memorizing scripture verses may seem a little outdated. There are many ways of making scripture pa. ...

Feeding God's Sheep:Mother Schoonmaker's Blog
Sermons and personal reflections and photography and whatever!

Tangled Up in Blue
Blog created by a lesbian in the ELCA struggling with God's call but denied ordination due to being partnered

Another Episcopalian Blog
Faith, politics, culture, and daily life from a recent convert to the Episcopal Church.

A Wondecommunity Anglican
A blog from an Episcopalian in the Diocese of Florida.

Rev. Dr. Mom

Border Episcopalian
Thoughts on God, culture, and academia from a Pentacostal turned Anglo-Catholic.

Random musings from a 5th generation NE Missourian and 1st generation Episcopalian

Thoughts on life and faith in the Episcopal Church from the perspective of a female college student discerning vocation.

Arts and Music at Redeemer
Creativity, spirituality, and explocommunity news ways of engaging with traditional worship, at Episcopal Church of the Redeemer in Kenmore, WA.

St. Pete's Rock
Thoughts, sermons, and more from the Rector of St. Peter's Episcopal Church.

Postmodern Jesus
Honest to God. A search for signs of the one I see at work frequently in my world and occasionally in churches.

Anglican Underground
An irreverant look at life and faith in the progressive underground

Reflections from the garden on a small island...

Episcopal Blogs
This is the home site for Blogging Episcopalians

This site deals with topics of interest to classical Anglicans of Anglo-Catholic sensibilities.

Father Neo's White Rabbit
Theological and other musings from Father Neo

A journal on running and prayer by a Gen-X Episcopal priest. Original prayers, hymnody, more.

Wandecommunity The Desert
Wandecommunity the Desert has along and glorius history in the church: David, Moses, the Exodus, St. John the Baptist, Jesus, St. Anthony, St. Athanasius, St. Augustine and others. This blog will discuss ...

News and events in the Diocese of Oklahoma.

23 Acres of Black Dirt
Personal reflections about whatever is on my mind or in my heart including faith, love, gratitude, church, Christianity, tolerance.

Padre Mickey's Dance Party
Rantings and Ravings and the Occasional Sane Comment of a Priest Blogging from the Global Center.

Fr. Greg's Ruminations
Late 20-something priest in Providence, RI