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Thoughts of an Episcopal laywoman & Daughter of the King. Sometime writer, mom to teenager & dogs; wife; international education professional with a secret life in parking lot striping.

The Thoughtful Christian
The Thoughtful Christian is an ecumenical site with writers from a variety of denominational affiliations and experiential backgrounds. It is our goal to help Christians from a wide variety of perspectives ...

Episcopal Community on LiveJournal
A community of over 250 LiveJournal bloggers who belong to or are interested in the Episcopal Church, includes some people from Anglican provinces in other parts of the world.

Macon Memories
The adventures of a non-tradtional family living the traditional life!

dreaming in denmark
see what comes of an unhealthy fascination with Hamlet?

Today's Gospel Insights
A daily look, by an earnest student, at the Gospel reading from the Lectionary for each day of the year.

Hoosier Musings on the Road to Emmaus
Random happenings, general musings, and the occasional sermon from an Indiana housewife turned seminary student.

What the Tide Bcommunitys In
A random collection of my thoughts on the Sunday Lectionary, poetry, politics, life, death, and whatever else comes in with the tide.

Bettie Bookish
Bettie Bookish is just doing what she can - raising her toddler daughter, teen-age son, two dogs and two cats; recovecommunity from cancer, her mother's death and a major hurricane; changing careers; dealing ...

blessed to be a witness

Nueva Cantora: A New Song
Thoughts and lyrics from the other side of seminary life. John Mayer was right -theres no such thing as the real world.

Berkeley Farm Girl
A laywoman in Berkeley works out livin' la via media, with posts on at least vaguely faith-related topics from the serious (Lectionary) to the silly (news of the religious weird and what the church cat ...

The Mundane Life of Thunder Jones
This electronic tome contains observations, thoughts, and cynical remarks from the mundane life of Thunder Jones. CAUTION: This weblog should not be considered to be authoritative in all circumstances. ...

Leaning Towards Justice
Over time, the arc of history always leans towards justice. Here we discuss that hope for our future.

Strict Counterpoint, Each Voice Imitating the Previous One at a Fixed Distance
My attempt at blogging my thoughts

Rude Armchair Theology
Just a personal blog, often on theological topics. I'm particularly interested in the Missional Church and Emerging Church movements.

Traveling Through Life Without a Map
A Geographer's musings...

The Topmost Apple
Just your typical random mindless commentary.

Petal Stampede
Reflections of another cat-loving Episcopalian parish administrator with too much education. Pop culture and literary excursions taken frequently.

What happens when a socially liberal theologically conservative inclusive tolerant feminist Episcopalian goes to one of the world's top evangelical seminaries? Let's find out.

The Order of Santa Ignora
The Order of Santa Ignora is dedicated to bcommunitying the Left and Right Wings of the Body of Christ together and flapping in unison, so we can get this puppy off the ground. Members take vows of Commentary, ...

Cal Williams' Blog
Comments on the Daily Office Lectionary readings, the news of the day, the state of the ECUSA, and any other subjects that come to mind.

Everyday Faith: A Maze of Lyrics
One young, Episcopal seminarian's ruminations, pontifications, and oblations.

A personal and political blog, specializing in the organization of the Christian Left, current politics, military intelligence, eighteenth-century British history, and lyrical observations made on walks ...

The Weak and the Strong
a Christian of the ECUSA persuasion, attempting to listen to the voice in the wilderness, and falling often.

Ask The Priest
An Episcopal/Anglican Blog where questions are welcome and assumptions are challenged

This blog is intended to serve the orthodox Anglican community and the wider Christian community in Central New York. We pray that all that is posted here will be faithful to the Scriptures as the inspired ...

Cutting Edge Theology
Cutting Edge Theology is my attempt at understanding how we can maintain our role and identity and Christians and Episcopalians in a world hostile to Christianity and to Progressive ideas.

Graceful Beginnings
A blog for participants - past, present and future - of Alpha at Grace Episcopal Church in Port Orange, Florida. Together, we\'re explocommunity the questions of life and the core elements of the Christian ...

Least Complicated
"The hardest to learn was the least complicated..." pondecommunitys of life, spirituality, and my quest for wholeness.

Family life, learning, and a dash of fun from an at-home mom of 2 sons (ages 9 and nearly 5) who has been called "effervescent," to her puzzlement

Online Religion Discursus
A site mainly dedicated to discussion of how people talk about religion (esp. Christianity) on the internet.

Hazelnut Reflections
Life as an Episcopal priest, wife, and other stuff. Meditations on human folly (especially my own) and the grace of God.

Monastic Mumblings, a Friar\'s journey
"The proof of love is in the works. Where love exists, it works great things. But when it ceases to act, it ceases to exist." - Saint Gregory the Great

Church of St. John the Evangelist
A blog for the parish and its priest

Life In General
I am in the process of becoming an Episcopal priest. Currently I am studying at the General Theological Seminary in NYC - thus the title "Life in General". This blog chronicles my journey into the priesthood. ...

Cavalier Christian
Reviving the tradition of the jolly Cavaliers who defended the Church and people against the moralistic encroachments of the forces of Puritanism. A High Church vision of Church, politics, and society ...

Chasing Waves of Light
About food, music, political opinions, comments on life, love, and faith.

Keeping track of my life and thoughts as a soon-to-be priest on topics religious, cultural, political, and social. This is my signature.

Disaster Area
Life the universe and everything with an Episcopal twist. Named in honor of Douglas Adams (Disaster Area is the loudest rock band in the universe, featured in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy).

mountain muse musings
Musing about the lectionary topics, poetry, and books.

No Claim to Sainthood
Postings about faith, a calling and an imperfect life in an imperfect world.

Church Man
Whither Christianity? An Episcopalian economist's perspective on theology and denominational organizational design, the competition for adherents, and success converting in hearts and minds into action ...

Irenic Thoughts
A blog created by King of Peace Episcopal Church in Kingsland, Georgia to promote an ongoing dialog beyond Sunday mornings (Wednesday nights, etc.).

A Lie a Day
A regular look at the politics of the right in the US.

Blog of the Grateful Bear
musings on spirituality, politics, healing, literature, and more, from a gay Episcopalian/Sufi

Fr. James' Lectionary
Daily commentary on scripture text, married with poetry.

Blog of an Anglican priest in England.

Dylan's Grace Notes
Grace Notes is the personal blog of Sarah Dylan Breuer, author of Dylan's lectionary blog (http://www.sarahlaughed.net/lectionary/). In Grace Notes, Dylan offers observations from her day-to-day life on ...

Cathy Knits
Cathy Knits is a blog belonging to an Episcopalian who enjoys knitting, daylilies, reading, church, and her journey through life as a Christian