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This is a community for bloggers who identify themselves as Anglo-Catholic or Anglican Catholic. This means that you are a member of one of the provinces of the Anglican Communion and that you have a Catholic understanding of Church and theology. There are no specific requirements for being part of the community other than that. (IMPORTANT ADDENDUM: I cannot move a site into the community until the links for the community have been added to your page, including previous, next, join, list, etc. Once those links are in place, it's as simple as me pushing a button to bcommunity you into the community.)

Catholic in the Third Millennium
Explocommunity the implications, challenges, and possibilities of being catholic in the 3rd millennium

The Eagle's Nest
Social, religious, and political commentary from the viewpoint of Kingdom of God principles

Wandecommunity on Molehill Mountain
Blog of seminarian from the Episcopal Diocese of the Rio Grande. Varied thoughts from a catholic and evangelically oriented seeker of the via media.

Catholic, Orthodox and Anglican
My name is Bobby Jackson Kennedy (B. J.). I am 23 and a confirmed member of the Anglican Communion. I attend Church at Grace Episcopal Church in Monroe, Louisiana. I am a student at Louisiana Tech University ...

Tracts for Today
In the spirit of the Catholic revival of the Anglican Church that was begun in nineteenth century Oxford, this site contains new "tracts" for our current time and the current state of the Church and the ...

Father Neo's White Rabbit
Mere Christianity with an edge.

O cuniculi! Ubi lexicon Latinum posui?
A simple blog where I post my thoughts, rants, and sermons about the Church today.

Another Episcopalian Blog
Faith, politics, culture, and ramblings from a recent convert to the Episcopal Church.

No Man is an Island
personal perspective on Anglican Christianity.

This is a blog by a candidate for Holy Orders in the diocese of Fort Worth, Texas. I am also chaplain at our cathedral's school and a doctoral student in New Testament and Early Christian Literature at ...

Border Episcopalian

Quaerite Dominum
This blog is meant to be an online sanctuary, as we seek, pray, meditate, read the Word, and partake of the sacraments. All that is written here is done thoughtfully, soulfully, sometimes playfully, but ...

The word "devalectic" is a synergy of the practice of dialectics- or the practice of logical discussion in seeking to determine the truth of an idea or opinion- and my name, Devon. It represents my attempt ...

The Proper of the Day
These are my thoughts and musings about whatever I'm thinking. They're mostly for me, but you may find them entertaining or enlightening - or not!!

Miraculous Medals and Sundrop
Reflections on Anglo-Catholicism, liturgy, and theology.

Curious Primate
The musings of a gay, progressive Anglo-Catholic who has been driven from the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth into the somewhat unfamiliar but welcoming waters of a local UCC congregation.

Curious Primate Bible Studies
A collection of Bible studies from an orthodox, yet progressive, gay, feminist Christian perspective. From Curious Primate.

a priest's musings on the journey

Anglo-Catholic way
This is a site that promotes the Anglo-Catholic way of faith and deals with a range of issues, but anyone who reads it can benefit from it.

Miraculous Medals and Sweet Tea
Reflections on theology, ecclesiology, Christology, sacrament(ology?), and all matters ecclesial. Written from the American South and containing a hearty infusion of good ol' Anglo-Catholicism.

Billy Ockham
A cornucopia of jaundiced reflections on modern life, including but not limited matters of faith.

Videtur Quod
Blog of Fr. John D. Alexander, Rector of S. Stephen's Church in Providence

Anglican Wandecommunitys
One of the busiest Anglo Catholic sites in the UK. We have a team of bloggers and bcommunity the latest news and reflections as well pictures of liturgy.

The blog of Fr. Bob Griffith, as I attempt to navigate life and faith in this crazy, mixed-up world. This is my signature as I keep track of life.

The Watching Warden
As a former Senior Warden, I consider myself to now be a watcher - a watcher of the Church, and the events that are unfolding in the world today, how those events affect our Church; with a twist from ...