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The Jellicle Quality Community is dedicated to connecting all websites with content from Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical, CATS.

El Rincón de Mungojerrie
Una de las pocas páginas españolas sobre Cats, y especialmente sobre Mungojerrie, sede del club de fans de Hugo Riveros, el actor que interpreta a Mungojerrie en Cats Madrid. One of the few spanish pages ...

CATS Wav Sounds
A small website containing some wav files created by me

KittyDiva's Jellicle Corner
Wonderful little site dedicated to the best musical ever! Lots of interaction stuff to do! A production RPG, fanfics, a chat room, and an on-going series, entitled, "The Young and the Rather Small!"

The Kittens' Kitastrophe
What would happen if the Kittens got a hold or YOUR website? Characters, lyrics, costumes, pictures, CAs, Q&As, FF, FA, Rpgs, Bloopers, Awards, names, and other such randomness

Obsidia's Jellicle Jubilee
Pop by the Jubilee for all the traditional good stuff - Synopsis, complete lyrics, Fan Art & Fic, as well as fun extras like detailed sightings, an uber-costuming section and more! And pwetty pictures... ...

KD's Fantabulous Jellicle RPG
Fun new Jellicle RPG that takes place in the junkyard! Join and meet new people!

The Jellicle Quality community
Do you need help joining the community, or are you already in the community and need some help? This is the place for you!

Veronikitty's Cats Fanfiction Central
Hey all! The Fanfiction Central, now going into it's second year, welcomes you to the land of the insane kitty. We have over 40 musical parodies and are now affiliated with a collection of different fanfic ...

Blacknight and Pacifica's Jellicle Lair
I haven't updated in a while but we have good fan-fiction!

CatAnna's Jellicle Jungle
A tribute to the musical show CATS and the Jellicle tribe. Photos, cast lists, the mythology of CATS, Jellicle astrology, midis, lyrics, a Jellicle shopping mall, costuming & backstage photos plus an award ...

Rumpleteazer and Victoria's Playground
A fun website that we did for fun! COME LOOK!

The Ad-dress of a Cat...
The budding website of a CATS fan...

Auragoth's Jellicle Madness
Auragoth's Jellicle Madness II!!! We're back and worse than ever!!!

...Jemima's Lair...
a tribute to jemima. lots of quizes